Ball Stretching - Best Clothes?

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Ball Stretching - Best Clothes?

Post by kalahari. »

I wear a ball weight for many hours during the day, and wondered if others who do the same might share their ideas as to best clothing to wear, allowing the balls to hang free. I suppose the best must be the Scottisk kilt where no pants are sorn underneath, but the most I can achieve is to wear loose trousers (pants) with no underwear. My balls fall naturally to the left side so they hang down the left leg of my pants.
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Re: Ball Stretching - Best Clothes?

Post by cma_throw »

Interested to hear what others have to say. I have googled kilts for the same reason.

Loose pants + standing is fine, but sitting is where it gets cumbersome. Even the loosest pants will somewhat get in the way of the hang. Plus it's awkward to sit with your butt on the edge of the chair to allow clearance for the balls to drop freely.

I've toyed with the idea of drilling a hole in an old wooden chair (think toilet seat but much smaller), then building some sort of sealed and heated compartment under the chair, maybe powered by a heating bad.
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Re: Ball Stretching - Best Clothes?

Post by Pumping Now »

Unless the weather is toasty, my cool balls tend to shrink. A negative for kilts. I wear an untucked shirt over suspenders holding up loose trousers. Homemade undies keep things warm & loose. The nylon slides easily, letting things fall to their lowest possible position.
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Re: Ball Stretching - Best Clothes?

Post by chubbykisses »

Here are a bunch of animated gifs showing what I wear daily. I've been a dirty fucking whore with a huge cock and bulge since I was a teenager. So I'm desensitized. For me, I like to show off just enough to where most decent people who would never think to look at my crotch on thier own wouldnt have anything outlandish to catch thier attention. Only horny fuckers who are checking me out and who look close enough will notice something big is swinging around under there. In certain cases where I want to be decent I'll tuck it up between my legs and squeeze my legs together so it stays tucked up there. Kinda awkward walking like that but it can be done for short periods of time if truly needed. Also if I stand still and tilt my hips back it hides it too. Between these two techniques I feel comfortable that I will be able to avoid innapropriatness. To be clear the only people I care about hiding it from are children out in public and my coworkers. I mostly work alone all day at a desk so it really isn't an issue. All other adults I don't give a shit what they think.
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