How Fast Can You Cum?

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How Fast Can You Cum?

Post by coydog »

I have cummed in 6 seconds by stroking my cock..... Has anyone cummed this fast?
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Re: How Fast Can You Cum?

Post by series »

Why would you want to? Keep practising and you may be able to last 20 minutes.
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Re: How Fast Can You Cum?

Post by rrunnz »

Slow and steady, long and lasting, not wham bam thank you mam.
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Re: How Fast Can You Cum?

Post by pumpnhypo »

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Re: How Fast Can You Cum?

Post by noclaf »

Hah... I actually envy guys that can cum easily. It might seem like a guy's dream, but it actually gets frustrating when I've got to harness every possible ounce of energy in my body to force cum to finally come out. Frustrating, because I've gotten in a habit of fapping off every night before I go to sleep - before I can go to sleep. I could (and have) stroked on and on for over an hour... it really just gets to be no fun after the first 5 minutes or so.

If you can cum on demand... or better, can actually enjoy the feeling of an "oh shit I'm... *spooge*...cumming" spontaneous burst, enjoy it :D
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Re: How Fast Can You Cum?

Post by devodude »

coydog wrote:I have cummed in 6 seconds by stroking my cock..... Has anyone cummed this fast?
This reminds me of the (brief) scene in the 2004 movie "Kinsey" where a guy demonstrates to the professor how quickly he can reach orgasm. It brings to mind the story of the "Tortoise and the Hare".... "I may be slow, but I'm sure...".

All in all, it's nice to have a variety, but I wouldn't think too many partners would like want this.
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Re: How Fast Can You Cum?

Post by robcaterham »

I am able to cum very quickly and admittedly, yes this now can cause issues in adult life.

I'm guessing the main reason for this is as a kid, before I could produce semen, I used to masturbate and really enjoy it. One of my dares to myself was to start masturbating when I heard my parents start to walk up the stairs to bed and I had to have had an orgasm and been laying still before they checked in on my when they got to the top of the stairs. Essentially I would be able to bring myself to orgasm in about 10-15 secs or so. I found the thrill of that great fun!

The reason I think that I wanted to cum so quickly is that was the 'holy grail' of feelings. I clearly remember having my first ever orgasm in the bath as a kid buy squeezing water out of a sponge onto my cock. I remember how nice the feeling was but then it was completely overshadowed by what happened one day when in had a full body shudder feeling. I remember thinking what the he'll was that? I must have that feeling again so spent the next few weeks just trying to recreate the feeling again... Hence I think I 'trained' myself to ignore how good it feels just to masturbate and am just always wanting to achieve orgasm.

As a kid after I could produce semen I just wanted to have that feeling then clean up asap as I didn't have much time ever to spend pleasuring myself, I just needed to get the orgasm and carry on with my day!! Before doing it again later! I then got to a stage of wanting to time myself to see how fast I could do it!

So with all that I guess I was destined to be a fast ejaculator as an adult!
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Re: How Fast Can You Cum?

Post by Curious271 »

Depends how long it's been since I've fucked my wife and how much she teases me. The other night she gave me a blow job that ended with her swallowing before the end of a commercial break!
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Re: How Fast Can You Cum?

Post by new_dist »

I usually play for hours before i decide to cum ! The longer i prolong my orgasm the better it is when i do finaly orgasm ! When im ready and want to cum hard then i go electro ! One probe in my manhole and a clamp on a heavy metal ball stretcher and crank up the power ! Almost immediate mind blowing orgasm !!
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