Saline FAQ - Advice - updated 12/27/06

An area to talk about saline inflation.

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Saline FAQ - Advice - updated 12/27/06

Post by admin » Tue Dec 19, 2006 10:57 am

Because so much caution is needed when doing saline - I think we should start a faq on the subject so that someone interested in doing it has the information they need to do it safely.

Here's a link to some pictures and videos : ... n-001.html

Another link on the subject :

I'd like to add these comments :
0. Take all advice with caution - though someone may not have hurt themselves doing a particular thing does not mean that you will have the same luck. Most people doing this are not medically trained, or doctors so you should take any advice with exteme caution.
1. Using completely sterile equipment is absolutely essential and of vital importance. There is a risk of infection and therefore a risk of death or extreme illness in doing this procedure. It is not to be taken lightly or to be done carelessly. Make certain that all equipment is sterile, and packaging is unopened. Make certain to thoroughly clean and disinfect the catheter insertion point.
2. Make sure saline has not expired - it should have expiration dates. Make sure saline bags are not broken or leaking - if so they should not be used and should be discarded.
3. Do not use partial bags of saline and then reuse the same saline bag later. Once the seal is broken the saline should be used immediately. It should not be resealed and stored for later use. Do not for example use 1/2 a bag and save the rest for another day.
4. Never share needles or catheters. Always use a fresh needle or catheter. Do not save them for reuse, or try to sterilize them for reuse. They should only be used once.
5. If you are doing this for the first time it is highly recommended that you do it with someone else who has done it before. Preferably someone who has done it a number of times and has some experience so they can show you the proper technique and can help you if you get into "trouble"
6. Wash your hands before beginning and as many times as you need to during the procedure to make sure you do not contaminate anything.
7. do not touch the needle or catheter at any point with your hands/fingers. Do not allow it to rest or touch any part of your body prior to insertion. Do not allow it to rest on any surfaces prior to inserting it. It should basically come directly from the sterile packaging and be inserted directly.
8. If you feel sick, have a fever or temperature after infusing saline - do not hesitate to seek medical attention. Waiting can make things worse and could become serious. Do not let shame or embarassment stop you from seeking medical help if you feel something is "just not right" or if you feel
that you may have any type of infection.
9. You may wish to have on hand some "broad spectrum" antibiotics. I can not tell you what type or the dosage, but if you have a friend who is a physician and can seek advice on this - it might be a good idea. Then in the event after infusion that you suspect infection you could begin the antibiotics course. In some countries, such as Mexico broad spectrum antibiotics such as Cipro and others are readily available over the counter. It maybe be convienient to have these on hand in the event of an infection - however self treatment may not result in optimal care and professional medical advice may still be required.
10. When you do infusion depending on how much you do - it may take a few days for the saline to be reabsorbed - so do it during a time when having a large saline filled scrotum is not going to interfere with work, social activities or sports.
11. Use caution when changing the saline bag, do not touch the IV tube that is inserted into the next bag to any surface prior to inserting it into the next saline bag or contamination may occur.
12. It is a good idea to shower prior to infusion and to scub the entire genital area completely. Using an antibacterial soap is advisable.
13. Sterilize the injection site using sealed sterile alcohol pads or swabs.
14. If they are available you may wish to use sterile gloves for the procedure. The more you can do to secure a sterile environment the less likely you are to have any problems.
15. Adjusting the position of the needle/catheter slightly may improve the flow rate of the IV saline infusion. Holding the saline bag high will also help to improve the flow rate.
16. It is not advised that you should ever insert a need directly into the testicle itself - you may seriously damage the testicle, you may actually kill the testicle or cause it to cease normal function, or to become impaired or to cause sterility (inability to father children) infusion should be into the scrotum - and NOT the testicle itself. Use extreme caution in inserting the needle/catheter NOT to hit the testicle. Make sure they are both pulled away from the needle insertion point when inserting the needle.
17. Only medical grade sterile saline purchased from a medical supply company should be used. Do not use distilled water, or home made solutions of any type. No matter how smart you think you are in creating the solution - the potential for contamination and complications is too great. Trying to save money and making your own solution is a stupid thing to do.
18. KY Jelly is not designed to be injected into the body. It may contain substances which your body may have an allergic reaction to or may reject. If this happens you could be in serious medical trouble. It's even possible for you to loose your testicles. It's definately not worth the risk. Do not inject KY Jelly or Surgilube into the body. Some may disagree with this - but it is not readily absorbed by the body like sterile saline and you open the door for serious potential problems and infection. Don't do it.
19. If you have high blood pressure there are potential additional side effects. Changing the water level in your body can have potentially negative side effects. It is possible it may cause your heart to work hard. You should not do saline infusion if you have high blood pressure. You should know your blood pressure status prior to doing considering doing saline inflation.
20. The electrolyte level changes cause by infusing large volumes of saline into the body can be negative. It may cause shortness of breath, cause you to be light headed or dizzy. These effects may persist for several days until the saline is reabsorbed or until your body returns electrolyte levels to "normal." This can be a very uncomfortable feeling of anxiety and can be somewhat scary.
21. The effects of saline infusion on the testes and sperm production and fertility are not know. It is possible that saline infusion may negatively affect the production of sperm/semen.
22. Saline infusion may negatively affect your testostorone levels. Effects on testosterone production are not known. It it possible it may decrease your testosterone levels. This would result in a possible feminization of the person. There are no studies on this - but it is a possiblity.
23. You should learn as much as you can about doing this before doing it and do it only under the supervision of someone who has a good amount of experience at doing it. It is not to be done lightly and you should be fully aware of the risks associated with doing this.
24. It has been suggested that using a catheter as opposed to a needle to do the infusion may reduce risk of doing internal damage as the catheter is "softer" and less likely to do damage. Needles are cheaper - but a catheter would probably be the prefered method of doing this.
25. The saline may migrate into the penis before being reaborbed, or into the lower abdomen or groin area.
26. If you wish to accelerate the reabsorbtion rate of the saline you may wish to place a slightly constrictive item such as a condom or tube sock around the scrotum to apply pressure. This will most likely increase the rate of absorbtion if you find that it's not being absorbed as quickly as you'd like it to - and if you were to have to do something which would necesitate the more rapid decrease in size.
27. Despite best efforts to be sterile in doing the procedure - many people who have done saline numerous times report that they have experienced at least one or more occasions on which an infection did result and that they did have to see a doctor in order to obtain antibiotics to treat their infection.

I welcome others to add to this list. The more people know about this the more safely it can be done.
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Post by jeannot » Sun Jan 25, 2009 2:37 am

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Re: Saline FAQ - Advice - updated 12/27/06

Post by inflationking » Wed Mar 04, 2009 2:35 am

If you're not an expert then don't just assume your MicroSnot system was infected here.
Get a real OS.
Even MAC is better than MicroSnot. Not much but safer.

MicroSnot Security is an oxymoron.
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Re: Saline FAQ - Advice - updated 12/27/06

Post by Hole1 » Fri Apr 30, 2010 10:23 am

Using Windoze and have never gotten a virus here.

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Re: Saline FAQ - Advice - updated 12/27/06

Post by pavelk » Thu Feb 26, 2015 5:21 am

Is there any concrete information about where to put needle? On some vids guys put it through the seam, but on other videos they put it on one side or two needles on both sides. Is there partition separating scrotum or it can be inflated from one side almost, what's better??!

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Re: Saline FAQ - Advice - updated 12/27/06

Post by gabrielageo » Sat Jan 06, 2018 1:08 am

is it safe to inject sterile water? I was offered that as substitute to saline

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Re: Saline FAQ - Advice - updated 12/27/06

Post by cjfatnite » Fri Jan 19, 2018 10:38 am

gabrielageo wrote:
Sat Jan 06, 2018 1:08 am
is it safe to inject sterile water? I was offered that as substitute to saline
How many times do we have to tell you that it is not safe in the slightest? When you drink water, it enters your GI tract, which is specially designed to handle arbitrary things. It absorbs into your blood at a safe rate. Directly injecting or infusing distilled water is dangerous because you bypass your body's natural protections. Saline at 0.9% is designed to be safely injected and infused. That percentage wasn't chosen at random. It's designed to not explode or shrivel your cells.

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