About to try Dex for the first time. Nervous.

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Re: About to try Dex for the first time. Nervous.

Post by 5Lsal » Fri Jul 20, 2018 8:40 am

Only posts I read on here about necrosis were caused by overheating the saline bag before infusion.
Dex swells more and therefore stays around longer for the same volume of normal saline. Stings less too.

Start with half the amount of saline you'd normally use and go from there...

Have fun and post pics :)

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Re: About to try Dex for the first time. Nervous.

Post by mRuss » Sun Jul 22, 2018 12:06 am

super-high concentrated solutions of glucose (d50) can cause necrosis - they can fuck up the body's ability to heal the injection wound. d5 is not too different in concentration than blood plasma so there's no concern for that issue. NS + d5 is hyperosmotic (higher concentration than blood plasma) but not so much that it affects wound healing, so, again, there's no issue.

Hyperosmotic solutions cause swelling so you can use about half what you would normally use when infusing NS.

Infusions that don't go directly into the bloodsteam do not directly affect bloodstream glucose levels. They effect it slowly as the body absorbs the fluid after the infusion. Since you are already experienced with infusing NS you already know about all the normal precautions (which are still of utmost importance).

Post lots of pics. And video ;) Enjoy!

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