My Surgilube Experience

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My Surgilube Experience

Post by electricbismuth » Fri Jan 24, 2020 8:14 am

Hey all, long time lurker, first time poster.

I've done a few saline and dex infusions over the years (my biggest was either the 2L saline or the 1L D5), but decided to try surgilube to get some less temporary gains going on for a bit, and see what happens. Seems like there isn't a huge amount of info on what happens on here, so I thought I would share my experience. Unfortunately I won't be sharing any pictures, because I'm kinda paranoid about privacy stuff concerning nudes online, so I apologize in advance if that's what you're here for. (and let me tell you, some of y'all have some fantastic pictures in here!)

So my first round, I decided to play it safe and do 10cc on each side of my sack. Injected somewhat low but still slightly in the middle, coming in from the side. I measured beforehand, my normal circumference measured around the middle of my scrotum is about 8 inches. After the swell and everything settled in, it went up to 10 inches. That lasted about 2 weeks, slowly going down as time went by, before I decided after getting back down to 8.5 inches that I'd try some more. I added 15cc each side that time, and I got up to about 10.5 inches around, except that the hang was lower and looser. I assume this is due to the previous two weeks of additional stretching. It's been another week since then, and I'm still at 10 inches around, but it's soft and loose all the time instead of being a bit firmer like the first two weeks. Everything feels basically "natural" if that makes any sense, it's just bigger, and the skin feels a little bit thicker as well, but not too much.

As far as pain, there was zero pain injecting beyond the usual pain with jamming a needle in there either time. Day to day, the first round had a bit of a dull ache as everything stretched out. After I injected the second round, the mild soreness and ache from the stretch became a decent bit more pronounced for the rest of the night, but it wasn't anything severe enough to consider painkillers or anything like that. After that soreness went away, it's been 100% pain and ache free entirely for the week since.

In terms of the actual injection, I used an 18g needle, and while it was definitely harder to push through the syringe than something with the viscosity of water would be, it wasn't super duper hard with the 10cc syringes I was using. I was able to do it by hand with no problem as long as I got the needle placement right. I did have to do some needle adjusting, just like you do with saline when the drip stops or slows down.

Overall impressions, I was pretty nervous when I started out, but that went away enough for me to do another round, so I'd call it OK so far. Once I get back to what I consider a comfortably "normal" size, I am planning on giving it some extra time to make sure everything is absorbed and back to standard. I know there is definitely new skin and stuff going on down there, so I probably won't get back to my original 8 inches around. After that, I'm going to do 20cc each side and see how that goes. I don't know how big I'm going to go by the end of all this, but I do kind of have to go to work in a semi-professional environment, so I need to keep it pretty concealable.

In terms of supplies, I got the surgilube and syringes including needles on amazon, of all places!
Here's a link to the syringes:
And here's a link to the surgilube:

Hopefully this post comes in handy for someone looking for more information about this stuff! I'll try to keep it updated as any significant developments occur. Probably gonna come back in a week and update what my measurement is. It is kind of feeling like it might be at least 3 weeks before I get back close to 8 inches, but we'll see how it goes, I guess!

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Re: My Surgilube Experience

Post by PandaBurloon » Fri Jan 24, 2020 9:14 am

Thank you for posting up your experiences! I was looking to try this method after i do some stretching with saline and n2o. Im looking forward to your updates even if you dont add pics lol.
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Re: My Surgilube Experience

Post by electricbismuth » Sat Feb 01, 2020 5:56 am

So, week later update:

Not much to talk about except for one thing: I've got either an encapsulation or hydrocele on the right side. Before it happened (kinda showed up overnight), I was still hanging out at 10" around so nothing changed with size, but now it sits between 10 and 10.5" depending on how low I'm hanging, the right side is swelled up pretty good. I am unsure if this is from surgilube or an injury, because I did get pretty brutally jumped on in the crotch by a friend's dog a day or two before I noticed the right side getting bigger. Leave it to unruly pets to mess up some amateur science, eh? Aside from that happening, there's been no pain, little bit of discomfort here and there if the underwear or jeans I'm wearing is too tight, but other than that it's been fine. Gonna keep monitoring the right side in case something starts hurting, but for now it's just big. If it starts getting bigger I might not be able to conceal it very well, so I will probably need to get it looked at or drained. We shall see what happens, hopefully it'll go down on its own and I'll have no worries. I know some other dudes on here have induced hydroceles with impacts, so I'm not sure if that has happened or maybe the lube got a bit jostled and started being feisty in there, lol. From what I've read about hydroceles, they usually will go away on their own and are pretty much harmless, so I'm not very freaked out by it. If it keeps getting bigger and bigger? In my eyes that's reason for some concern, then it's doctor time.

As far as appearance and everything, as before, it looks just like a normal sack, but bigger. No discoloration or bruising or anything, it's been kinda nice. It's started acting more normally as well, less being loose and hanging all the time, more tightening and loosening randomly like it's normally supposed to.

See y'all in another week I guess, we'll see what happens with this stuff.

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Re: My Surgilube Experience

Post by failbucket » Sat Feb 08, 2020 8:04 am

Thank you for all the information. I've been following closely. I've practiced a few times into my cock with saline to test placement and volume, but not quite brave enough to go for it yet. Not sure I want to try into the sack though. We'll see.

Keep up the good work, and keep letting us know how it's going!

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Re: My Surgilube Experience

Post by electricbismuth » Sat Feb 08, 2020 12:00 pm

Unfortunately this week not much to say except that everything is exactly the same as last week.

I think there's a less (or no) fluid in the left side from the surgilube injection, but it's quite hard to tell with the right side being as big as it is. Still holding steady at 10.5" around, too.

If anything changes, I'll make another post. Not going to add more until everything is back to normal, if both balls were the same huge size right now, that would be a BIT of a problem, lol. I've been considering draining it myself, but I'm not totally committed to that to be honest. It is kind of fun having the size all the time, after all. We'll see what happens!

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Re: My Surgilube Experience

Post by pdmustgt » Fri Feb 14, 2020 11:56 am

I finally tried Surgilube wow does it expand. I had some bruising and blistering when injecting it close to head and on top side. I know I pushed needle in deep or it sure seem like I did. I had very little problems injecting it in on bottom side and close to base. I did use 23 gauge needle so it went very slow but I also put in very little just to see I would react to Surgilube. So next time may try 10 ml in total and see what happens try to use 20 ga needle.

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