Hanging (with weights), then pumping

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Hanging (with weights), then pumping

Post by Seekingsz » Sun Jul 08, 2018 12:11 pm

Gentlemen! Do any of you hang weights (e.g. BIB or Malehanger)from your "manhood" and then pump afterwards? If so, please share your experiences and any results. Thank you!

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Re: Hanging (with weights), then pumping

Post by prelude99 » Tue Jul 10, 2018 7:52 pm

In the past I used every form of PE in a combined fashion. I would jelq, then do static stretches, then weights for a few hours. After that I would jelq more then pump for an hour. My thoughts were to do the two best methods for gaining size in all directions. Hanging weights is the best method for gaining length hands down, and pumping is by far the best girth producing method. When I used weights in the past my length increased from 8" to 9.5" in about a month. I stopped using weights because the length was happening so fast that I didn't want to have one of those long skinny cocks so I only use weights very seldom. However I know if I truly want a foot long member I must turn to weights.

But my main objective has been to bulk up my cock! Pumping has a nifty after affect of building your cock into a very thick powerful looking machine. I figured if I focused on building such a thick uniform cock that I would have plenty of girth to stretch into a very long very thick piece! Without any saline or silicone inside.

My end game is to pump very solid for the next 3 years. Then on the 4th year turn over to half pumping and half hanging sessions. I believe I'll be able to build a foot long cock within the 4th year. 12x9 is what I want to build it into. But I think it's going to end up being 12.5x10.25 but I won't complain Lol!
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