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Recent pump

Post by woody1 » Sun Jun 03, 2018 8:08 pm

Stats tube neck inner 54mm, could barely get my pumped cock out once it was fully bloated, pumped for about 2 hrs, then had a nice shower when I was finished.

Now when I pump I need to "place" it with someone, place means use it on someone, my gf was asleep I woke her up and punished her with it, she cdnt get enough, her cunt was sucking and squeezing the bloat out of my cock, lucky I took my cock ring off b4 I fucked her otherwise she would of killed me, she has super strong cunt muscles and was sucking me back into her cunt with a vacuum made by her orgasms, I could hardly pull out of her cunt which created a vacuum vortex.

I worked her over in multiple positions, she was cumming all the time and squeezing me off time and time again, I flipped her over after doggy and took her in missionary, where I buried the full width and length of my bloated schlong into her torn up cunt, I filled her up and she drained my nut sack dry, when I pulled out the man juice flowed like a river!!!!!!!
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