Improving ED update

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Improving ED update

Post by pumpednc » Tue Oct 22, 2013 12:45 am

I have long suffered ED due to being a diabetic and maturing. It just did not come up like it used too. Several months ago, I changed my routine. First I have downsized my tube from 2 inch to 1 ¾. I now pump daily in the morning and am able to pack that tube in a few minutes. I leave it packed for about a half hour and go on to wiring up and estimming for another half hour.

Well, when I wake up I now have an erection more like I did when I was younger. Also get erect when I watch a little porn, stim, have erotic thoughts or just feel my cock inside of my pants while walking. I do not know if it is the routine, but I really like it. I am also, slowly developing some foreskin. Just thought I would report.

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