Cock Rings, Pills and Milking

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Cock Rings, Pills and Milking

Post by Curious271 »

Been having a-lot of success with the cock rings lately over the pills. I'll get hard if she's sucking me.. and we had a major session the other night. had her play with the rings and putting them around my cock and balls.. and all combinations. She loved it.

So The pills are great for rock hard pounding (she's shallow so I only need 50%) So the rings works .. when drunk etc when the pills aren't as effective. The sight of the rings is awesome as well.

Tonight I'm going to beg for a milking.. she loves the control so it doesn't take much.
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Re: Cock Rings, Pills and Milking

Post by BallisticFetishGear »

We have a large selection of Cockrings & Glans Rings (All Made in the USA) if your looking to expand your collection :D
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Re: Cock Rings, Pills and Milking

Post by asslicker061 »

Let the fun begin. Gotta do everything you can to please such a hot adventurous woman willing to explore.
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