I Can't be the only one.. or 'can' I??

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I Can't be the only one.. or 'can' I??


Hi Guys;
Can I be the only pumper around who has a strong interest in meeting a fellow Pumper who would be happy pumping and enjoying kinky play with just one person? One partner who is interested in exploring the kinky intimacy with one special person you can build a trusting relationship?

I can't be the only one.

I'd love to hear from others with the same interests..
• Pumping (in all forms)
• Sounding and Urethral play
• Estim
• Toys (dildo's, plugs, etc)

I don't check this site very often, but a response here would be fine.
If you're a regular on this site, then you probably know other avenues to contact me (skype, pumppig, twitter, xhamster, etc)
You're also familiar with my profile and stats, which I can also provide in private - as well as face pix.

I hope to hear from - hell, at least 1 of you!
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Re: I Can't be the only one.. or 'can' I??

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Hi guy dam you’re awesome I like to know more about you I’m a chubby guy here looking to get into pumping. I love using sounding rods they feel awesome. Please write me back I’m in Los Angeles here
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