Toronto, CANADA Saline Injection

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Toronto, CANADA Saline Injection

Post by SpikeWolfen »

Hi there!

Is there anyone in Toronto, Canada that can teach me how to do proper saline injection into balls? I want to do it properly and learn!

Thanks, this pup appreciates it!
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Re: Toronto, CANADA Saline Injection

Post by Acuneedle »

DM me, I have needles and syringes.
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Re: Toronto, CANADA Saline Injection

Post by Escort73 »

I too, Have not done this, and I am from Bay of Quinte Region. I can get the equipment, if need be, where do you order your equipment from?

I had posted on Fetlife, and I don't know if there are ppl in the "needle play Kink Dept" interested in this type of play.
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