Helldamage - New and just starting

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Helldamage - New and just starting

Post by Helldamage » Sun Jun 10, 2018 4:55 pm

Hey guys, I just started pumping a few days ago. Gotta say the whole idea was really strange at first, but I'm digging it more and more. I bought my pump on amazon and I believe it's 2.5 x 9.8, but I didn't get one with a gauge on it. I'm not sure if I am getting anywhere cause I don't know how much pressure I should use. So now that I am having fun doing this I might go ahead and get a bigger one, maybe with a guage.

I seem to fill this one out if I do both, my dick and balls touch the sides, so I was wondering if I should go for a bigger diameter, like 3.0 or 3.5? Link wise it feels okay, I think the last time I tried I was about 2 inches from reaching the top.

I will say this is a cool hobby to pick up, and you guys have some really awesome pictures!

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Re: Helldamage - New and just starting

Post by Aardvark 777 » Sun Jun 10, 2018 6:08 pm

Heya n welcome, well sounds like a good cylinder size, for around here, thats typical for pumping only the penis as that is what I use for isolating the penis.
I have a 2+1/8 inch cylinder/ got too short so I added a extension section (weird size,but was a cheapo one I bought early on)and a 2 + 1/2 inch one/ just barely long enough, but it is a smoky acrylic and can't hardly even see thru it so I don't even hardly use it.( it pulls too much extra in,like the cords and edges of balls.needs a restrictor pump seal)lol.
Those just the cock tubes.

*edit, forgot what exactly my tubes sizes were,I corrected.*

so ya have a kinda standard size that many use, but ya don't want to start with one that is too big around as ya waste time with expanding sideways and if too much space to start, the tissues tend to bloat out in outer skin edema, or even blistering.

The best rule of thumb for finding right fitting cylinder for cock only is to start with the diameter that is I reckon about 1\4 - 3\8 inch larger than your hard cock diameter ,like not have no more than that to start. And those numbers may still be too big, ya might need one just slightly larger than your hard size. Like an 1\8th inch.

I know some other experienced fellows may correct me on that,but it seems best to start with a tube that you can expand to the sides and then your cock expands length ways more then as the vacuum stretches it out.

It is the action you want to have going on if you are wanting length growth development. Then you can alternate to a cock and balls entire cylinder for helping with girth as you also increase scrotum mass.

I started with cylinders that were too big at first and would get large edema swelling in the outer skin and until I gained in girth I didn't figure out n the length stretching as I had to get wider in the bigger tubes before I would get good extension pull out.
Because you want to stretch the ligaments along the penile shaft and way deep back in the perineum right up to the anal muscle group.

I mean, when you do it right you will feel it way down deep and let ya know you are getting something accomplished.
But, also ya have to stretch the core blood cavities in the penis also and literally pulling the tissues apart in micro tearing so that it is pulling and lengthening the actual core cavity tissues so as it heals it is making new cells to fill in space in the tears so it is creating longer and wider spaces for the blood to fill and increases the size of erections over time.

As for doing whole package, it comes down to persona preference and how big ones parts are to start with.
I am still experimenting as I'm kinda just restarting doing this stuff after having done it many years ago when younger and I'm learning all kinds of new things that is helping me as I didn't have the resources we have now like these forums for folks to have conversations and share knowledge and hints.

Anyway, you will see some have advanced to huge cylinder sizes as they have been doing it for years and they are fortunate to be well endowed, lol
but seems that kinda general size for complete package pumping is around five to six inches diameter cylinders and some use four inch diameter and some use seven or eight inch diameter if they are really huge pumpers and need the girth space.

I personally have found that "stepping up" or "staging up" from a smaller size for awhile and then change to a little bigger medium tube for a time and then finally changing to a largest cylinder for finishing out largest works best for me. Many use that same method.
Here again it depends on what you are focusing on. If you want to work on length stretching of scrotum parts then start with a narrower tube ,like 3 1\2" to 3 3\4" diameter, some even use 3" or smaller for strongest pulling lengthwise.

I have settled on a 3 3\4" or 3 5\8" cylinder to start a session with or just for general time in a tube for length development,but a smaller tube also gets your cock and balls tissues very dense with fluid saturation in a short amount of time as the physical mechanism of the edema increases when the genitals press against the sides of the pump cylinder more thoroughly and this seems to concentrate fluid buildup quicker and stronger, which I find gets me larger quicker in a short session and works the best for prepping for stepping up to the next size bigger.

Seems best to err on the side of too small at first as restriction(girth-wise) of some amount is helpful in some aspects of this.

I then step up to a 4" cylinder for a bit, to get more length and density swelling as I fill out the next biggest space, and then I currently step up to a 5- 5.5 inch cylinder for final as I'm avoiding the bigger cylinders I had made earlier as I just am not developed enough to fill them properly as you'll see a sort of plateau effect as you develop and you have to allow your body parts to change and modify to develop before moving on to a much larger pump cylinder as it seems that sometimes you will reach a certain size and it will stay around that for a time and slowly seems like you are gaining size increase, but mainly the tissues need time to thoroughly develop,as there is so many layers of muscles and blood supply system tissues that have to change as you go.
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Re: Helldamage - New and just starting

Post by Helldamage » Tue Jun 12, 2018 2:30 pm

Thanks for the advice Aardvark. I did give it another go the other night and I did start to notice a little bit of a change. I think it was mainly because I did low pressure for like 25-30 minute sessions over a period of 4 hours. Yeah, it seems like this cylinder is good for starting out and getting your junk ready. So I think I might grab a 3.5 inch for later use. The effects also seemed to last for a few days which was interesting to see.

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