Hafada Ladder/Scrotal Ladder piercing on scar tissue?

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Hafada Ladder/Scrotal Ladder piercing on scar tissue?

Post by bsr1st » Thu Jan 25, 2018 5:18 pm

TLDR at the bottom :p


Some of you may know me from the Saline inflation page as the dumbass who had to go under the knife for a saline inflation gone wrong(if needed, I can show a pic of the scar). Some of you may not. But it seems like I've not learned my lesson well, and want to go about with a scrotal ladder. The main thing is, is that I despise the scar I'm now left with. A lightning bolt pretty much upon my balls isn't a lovely sight, and I'm a bit embarrassed of it, as it's a sore thumb when around the lovely lady. So, I want to cover it up with a scrotal ladder piercing upon the scar, thinking about 4 piercings should cover it up completely. This would be my first piercing by the way ._.

So Im wondering is, can I get a piercing upon the scar tissue? It's not thin, it's actually a little thick, probably an 1/8 inch thick due to the joining of tissue together at this point.

Should I hold off longer? It's been 4, going on 5 months since the surgery. The area is fine, no pain really. Now if I pinch it together lightly, it does get uncomfortable/ sting a little bit, as to where the regular skin on the scrotum doesn't hurt at all.

If I do go for it, what size should I get in gauge? Curved barbell, straight, or d rings?

What's the aftercare usually like?

If any of you have had it done, is there any drawbacks or regrets? How is it after your length of time having it?

What would be a decent price? All piercers around me are 100$ for the first piercing under the belt, with the cheapest for 140$ for 4 piercings, the most exspensive being $260 for 4.

TLDR: had a scar from surgery, want to know if I can pierce it
Questions are:

1: scars a little thick in the middle of scrotum, about 1/8 inch. Can it be pierced?

2: it's been 5 months since surgery. Should I wait longer or can I do it now?

3: suggested type and size jewelery

4: how's aftercare?

5: what's your experience?

6: reasonable price?

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