meatotomy as passion

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Peter Borges
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meatotomy as passion

Post by Peter Borges » Thu Nov 23, 2017 12:03 am


I have had meatotomy as passion for many years now. I found out I was not alone with my passion on BME and in 2009 I joined Until now I have contributed with about 175 notes links and pictures. And now its time to stop because I have developed my thinking from a passion to a obsession of open peeholes. In a week from now I'll stop my membership here.

The founder of demonic.dicks. - the blog for hypospadia, stopped his contributions to his homepage in the beginning of this year.

If you have any messages for me just contact me.

Se my meatotomy if you search meatotomy porn open, - and my meatotomy will pup up on the pictures in the beginning with the text Demonic Dick and lead you to my story wishing for hypospadias. ... 37&bih=424

Enjoy your clamp and cutting

Peter Borges
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Re: meatotomy as passion

Post by urethra » Thu Nov 23, 2017 10:05 pm

What is wrong with being addicted?

I am addicted on my wife's fingers. I ask her almost every day. Some time just pinky for good luck on my trip to work.

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