Ball tying

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Ball tying

Post by slkdyk » Wed Jul 12, 2017 9:31 pm

In the process of ball tying or stretching where blood flow is cut off. What is a recommended length of time that blood flow can be cut off? I know I have fallen asleep in a recliner and slid down putting pressure or cutting of flow for unknown lengths of time, maybe up to an hour, only to be awakened by a terrible pain. Any recommendations?

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Re: Ball tying

Post by TetherSpout » Fri Jul 14, 2017 5:45 pm

I looked, and at first glance there seems to be surprisingly little information on how long tourniquets can be left on. Two hours is sometimes mentioned as being a safe estimate for limbs, but I think this is a dangerous generalization. I think it depends largely on the types of tissues and organs to which the blood supply is cut off. The testes for example might require much sooner restoration of blood flow than the scrotum before necrosis begins to occur. I don't know. But before I risked cutting off the flow of blood to my balls for longer than say 20 minutes, I would do some serious research, and I wouldn't just go by other people's recommendations. Keep in mind that you can quite easily cut off blood flow to the skin of the scrotum while still maintaining flow to the balls themselves, because they're fed by separate arteries and veins. So a lot depends on how you tie off your balls. There's no easy answer.

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