extreme sounding

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extreme sounding

Post by subin » Sun Jan 24, 2016 10:42 pm

are there more guys how love extreme sounding.
i love to use extreme tools and go to the limmit.
love to hear what you like to use,and how far do you go.
do you like it when it hurt?

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Re: extreme sounding

Post by Dude19 » Mon Jan 25, 2016 1:33 am

I wouldn't say that I do extreme sounding but I have tried many different tools. Like for instance, I have put dimes in my urethra which I haven't seen done before. I remember putting a long tube into my bladder which was fun to do. I have used objects that probably wouldn't be considered by most sounders. I have had the fingertip in my urethra. I have stuck an entire pen in. I have put BBs in too. I have yet to actually use real sounds but I hope to soon. I have also done a meatotomy to allow me to put larger things in it. If you haven't done one yet you should consider it. It will greatly improve your ability.
I am a straight guy.
I am single.
I have a dirty mind.
I am a kid inside and it will show.
I have a meatotomy in progress.
I am in my 20's.
I believe that I have only one life to live and would like to live it to the fullest.

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Re: extreme sounding

Post by devodude » Mon Jan 25, 2016 1:11 pm

Allow me to pipe in here. I don't know if there's a category officially known as "extreme sounding". To me, extreme anything means you're looking for trouble. So if something goes wrong, don't be surprised.

I'm all for sexual fun and games, but it's really important to proceed with a certain amount of intelligence. Throwing caution to the wind may be something you'll pay for down the road.

OK, sorry if that all sounds like a big downer. We all have our own limitations. For me, sounding has been something I've done for well over a decade and a half (or longer...). I've always had problems avoid infections, so I've had many episodes with bladder and kidney infections from that activity. I gave it up for a while because I didn't want the health risk and aggravation.

Once I finally decided to buy a real set of sounds, I did everything to keep them extra clean. When I only use alcohol or some other disinfectant, I still get the occasional UTI.

I've chatted with some men who don't seem to even bother with cleaning their sounding devices and never get ill from it. I envy them. It's clear they have a super-human immune system and great genetics. I haven't been so blessed.

My first set was a Hegar one. Then, shortly after that I got a Dittel and Van Buren. They are all different and have plus and minuses. I find the Van Buren the most fun though. I like the way they curve at the tip and easily slide up to my bladder. Sliding anything directly into my bladder is a guaranteed infection for me.

For me, the most extreme sounding is when I put a sound into my urethra, and a metal probe in my anus and clip my e-stim power to each one. This is a great way to milk the prostate.

I also can slide the largest sounds I have (#34 Fr) into my urethra without the use of lube, other than what's naturally there. I'd love to get larger sounds, but the price of just one larger sound is as much as my entire set! I also love putting my entire baby finger deep into my cock. I can get a good portion of my other fingers in there too, but the pinky finger fits the best, so far.

The only sound I can get in are the largest Hegar one (not sure what size those are). The set increments up too much. The Dittel's are quite long and heavy to work with.

Over the years, I've tried a lot of devices around the house. Of course, everyone has tried a Sharpie markers.

When I first began sounding, Sharpies would never make it in. I don't remember exactly what my first sounding item was. I think it was a clear rubber tube. I remember sounding right into my bladder. Over time, I started using my baby finger, and during one session, I torn my urethra open. That's when I decide I'd start cutting and make my own meatotomy. There's also another layer of within the urethra I had to break through, and that gave way with more intense sounding.

I also tired AAA batteries, and I wasn't satisfied until I was able to fit an AA size battery (technically called "cells"). One night I fell asleep with a battery in my urethra, and I believed that caused my urethra stricture. It's what has limited me to using much larger sounds (since it's scar tissue and doesn't stretch very well).

I also own a few urethra plugs, which are really fun to wear and play with.

For Dude19, just check out eBay for sounds. They are really inexpensive and worth every penny. Never buy them from big name vendors. The stuff on eBay is exactly the same and one-quarter the price. I also own a bunch of individual sounds. The short ones aren't as enjoyable for me. It's also difficult to find sounds that are big enough too. They assume you're a regular guy with a regular (unmodified) pee hole.

Quit putting money into your dick. You can't imagine the amount of germs they carry. All you need for just one to get lodge in there and you'll have a nice trip to ER. It's not worth the risk.
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Re: extreme sounding

Post by jazzik » Mon Jan 25, 2016 11:08 pm

Hi, I'm addicted to sounding. I use Hagar and Guiyon sounds mostly to enter my bladder. The biggest i Use is 46", it's about 14 - 15 mm. I do it a few times a week.

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