Some of my sounding.

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Re: Some of my sounding.

Post by Bacon.Trap » Sun Oct 25, 2015 2:52 pm

Little of the underside, as I had someone ask me if I had a meato done.
lck1 wrote:Awesome video i'm able to get 15mm in a few inches if work hard i can get 16mm in just a little.
I keep trying for more depth. That 17mm pic, thats as far as it will go, so going to try and bottom that one out on Monday.
Dude19 wrote:These pictures are great. I love sounding I just wish I have a nice set of sounds of my own to use.
Man, they are like $20 off amazon. Why would you not?
devodude wrote:Wow, that was so great to watch! You gotta make more of them and different angles! This gives me inspiration!
Gonna need a tripod and lighting for that. And more lube. Way more lube.

But thanks for the kind words, and seeming as I have peoples attention. Anyone know where in the UK I can get a 120mm long ballstretcher for not over £100? Been lusting after one for a while, but every time I go look for one its £150+. Few German stores have one, not sure how legit they are (

Any ideas?

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