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Re: .-~* Erotic Stories By WowImBig *~-.

Post by BigBaller1 » Sat Mar 21, 2015 5:18 am

good girl!

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UPDATED STORY... Still need your help to finish it!!

Post by wowimbig » Mon Aug 03, 2015 6:10 pm

PLEASE HELP ME WRITE THE ENDING TO THIS STORY! Reply to this with an ending!
***Please follow my story line while writing the rest. I included it at the end of the text.***

The Pool Party (Revised)

By: WowImBig

Part 1

There I was, wading in the shallow end of the pool, with my fellow classmates at our senior year pool party; trying to act normal while I was hiding the biggest dirtiest secret ever. Last night, I was pumping my pussy with the monster pump cup I made... and I fell asleep with it on me... suction was strong as ever. 7 hours later I awoke to the sound of my alarm clock, screaming at me to wake up for school. I tried jumping out of bed like usual, but the monster cup wouldn't let me. I ended up falling out of bed, I had to turn off that damn alarm so I grabbed a tennis shoe by my bed and chucked it at the alarm. luckily it hit the snooze button and silenced the sound.

It took me a second to remember the pump session the night before, and that it had stayed on all night. I pressed the release valve and tried to pull it off, but it wouldn't budge. I wished the cup was see through so I could see how big an all-nighter made me. Excited and scared at the same time, I connected the hose, pressed the release, and blew air into the hose so that it would force the cup off of me. I felt the end release, slowly my fat pussy slid out. Horrified with what I was seeing, the noise of the alarm going back off only added to my distress. I leaned down and grabbed the cord and unplugged it from the wall.

I looked up at my calendar and realized the red circle was around today, shit! The pool party was today! attendance is mandatory! Oh fuck, I better think of something quick.

My mind dazed back into reality. I was in the school swimming pool, with a pair of my boyfriends swimming trunks on. I made up some excuse that I had a bad reaction to bikini area hair remover, and the rash on my legs hurt too much to wear my bikini bottoms. I was using this same reason to avoid my boyfriend at all costs. I felt bad, but I couldn't let him know what I had done to my pussy. What would he think of me all deformed like this?

I could feel my pussy swaying with the current of the water, it felt like I had a backpack hanging between my legs. I was so horny, I needed to satisfy my aching pussy. The growing need to cum almost matched the enormous size it was. I looked around, trying to figure out where I could get enough privacy to take care of the overwhelming urge to touch myself... I noticed the bathrooms over next to the entrance. It took everything in me not to grab myself and cum, I began sweating in anticipation. I wanted to look at my pussy so badly. I swam over to the edge of the pool, my legs weren't of any help because of the throbbing beast between them, so my arms had to do all the work. I slowly stepped up out of the pool on the side staircase, and tried to do so without wobbling. I ran my hands over my hair and squeezed out the excess water. I noticed a boy from my science class staring at me from across the way. I looked down and noticed that the trunks were clinging to the outline of my cunt. Fixing them quickly, I looked back up and around to make sure no one saw. He couldn't have possibly known what lied beneath my swimming trunks, so I blew off the whole incident as nothing. Besides, I had to play with my cunt right now, it was throbbing and pulsating so badly. Quickly, I headed off to the bathroom, waddling a little in my hurry. I saw the bathroom door in front of me and reached out to push the door open. I looked around the bathroom, and luckily it was empty. Where would be the best place for me to hide? I thought, when the bathroom door open behind me. I could feel the presence of a tall person standing very close to me. I turned around and was shocked to see it was the boy from my science class.

"Mark, you're not allowed in here! This is the girls restroom!" I said assertively.

"If you're a girl, explain this..." as he reached down and grabbed my pussy mound.

I gasped, the air stuck in my throat.

"What the fuck is this between your legs?" he asked.

"Nothing!" I stammered, my heart pounding in my chest.

"Get in there." He said as he motioned to the sauna room.

I did as I was told, Oh man! What was I gonna do? What if he tells my classmates? What if he told my boyfriend!? I would die of embarrassment. What would they say about me? I didn't wanna think about that now. He followed me into the sauna, and he closed the door and locked it from the inside. What the fuck was he going to do to me?

"Pull down your trunks." He said.

I hesitated, and shook my head..."no, please, don't... don't make me have to... I just can't..." I said.

"Do it, or I'll do it for you."

"Please, please don't do this to me!" I pleaded.

"Fine, I'll do it for you." And with one swift motion he pulled my trunks down and stood back up and stared at me with his eyes bulging.
"What in the fuck?" His jaw dropped open, and his head tilted down towards my cunt. He pulled something out of his pocket, and by the time I recognized what it was-- the bright light from his camera phone flashed.

"No! Please! Stop!"

"You better do whatever I tell you to... or I will upload this to Facebook to show everyone at school what you look like."

I nodded, reluctantly.

"Why is your pussy so big?"

"Uh...," my throat grew dry and my heart pounded in my chest.

"Well, you better tell me or this is going online..." he began to pull out his phone.

"From pumping it," I spurted out.

"Why would you want to deform yourself like this?"

All I could do was shrug and look at the floor. My worst fear was now a reality, my mind whirled with embarrassment and regret.

"I'm waiting for an answer..." he admonished.

"It was an accident, okay? I fell asleep with the pump on me by accident, and woke up several hours later when my alarm for school went off. It wasn't supposed to happen like this!" Tears shot out of my eyes, and all the emotions I had inside me poured out in one lump.

"Relax, okay, I don't want you to freak out. I am actually kind of intrigued by it, and amazed at how large you were able to grow. Don't worry, as long as you follow EVERY one of my requests, you will never have to worry about anyone else finding out. It will be our little secret."

He seemed sincere enough... only if I had known what was in store for me though, was another thing altogether.

Part 2

It was the last week of school, and I made sure to text my boyfriend that I was coming down with a cold and he better stay away from me or I might get him sick. I knew this would work because his brother's immune system was weak since birth, so this meant he could possibly infect his brother so he had to stay away. He just responded with," K... :( "

Mark had specific instructions for how I was to come to school today. He told me to shave everything down there, wear a long skirt to school, and meet him by the locker rooms 15 minutes before the first bell rings for class. I did as I was told, and he was already there waiting for me when I arrived. He had a large shoe box with him, and he told me to read the instructions included inside the box while in a locked bathroom stall. Upon opening the box, there was a large cup, about 17 inches long, and that was coated with Vaseline and the note read,

"Place on vaginal area, and then flush the toilet 3 times in a row."

Confused as I was, I did exactly as the instructions said and then I felt the cup suction onto me, :::swish swish swish::

Oh! It felt so good! I let out a moan, and then realized where I was at, I have to be more careful!

I let my skirt down and it covered the still-attached pump on me, and headed out the bathroom.

Mark was standing there, grinning. He held a little remote control in his hand, and said, "wireless..." and he pressed the up button and I instantly felt it suction on to me harder, ::swoosh::

I leaned over, and was able to hold in any moans I wanted to release. I looked him in the eyes, and he had a deviant twinkle when he winked.

"See you in science class!" He chuckled, and briskly walked away.

It was hard walking normally with the contraption between my legs... so all I could do was walk really really slowly. It sucked, but at least I didn't waddle-- as much.

By 5th period, I was pretty accustomed to the feeling, once or twice a period he would send a ::swoosh:: my way, and one time I accidentally let out a moan... I played it off like I was intrigued by the literature we were reading in class... Although some of my classmates looked at me weird for the rest of the day after that. I heard a couple kids whispering behind me and I am pretty sure I saw them pointing at me... but I just tried my best to ignore it-- since there was nothing I could do anyway. I had to keep my promise to Mark, for my own well being and reputation.

Finally, the last bell rang to signal the last class for the day-- 6th period-- science class with Mark. It was the only class I had with him, and I was worried about the outcome of it all day. I was the last one in, since I had to walk so slowly, so the only seat left was the one right in the front and middle. I slowly and carefully sat down in my seat. Today's lecture was about Outer Space. How boring. I began doodling to keep myself awake, ::swoosh:: I readjusted myself, and glanced back at Mark to see him grinning, he nodded toward the white board. I looked back around and noticed the word, "Vacuum," written in big bold red letters. My heart skipped a beat, and I felt like I might throw up... I continued reading... Outer space is a Vacuum... Oh my, I almost fainted there... I was so relieved.

The teacher called on Mark, who I guess was raising his hand. He asked the teacher, "What would happen if a person were to be exposed in the vacuum of outer space?"

"Well, sadly, the person would explode." My teacher responded.

::swoosh swoosh swoosh::

I let out a large breath of air, so as to not moan.

I felt my pussy growing warmer, ::swoosh swoosh swo--:: and in the middle of the last swoosh, I noticed the feeling that something was plugging up the suctioning hole... Thankfully!

I could feel my heartbeat pounding in the warm cup around my pussy. I wondered what was plugging up the end, well whatever it was, I was thankful that it did. I felt the trigger trying to work several more times during class, but it did nothing to affect me. So I smiled back at him, to show him up.

After class let out, Mark wanted me to meet him at his house that was right down the street. He gave me the address and told me to tell my parents I was going to have a sleep over at a friends house and not to expect me back home for the night.

All the while, I had the pump cup still attached on me. I was pretty used to it now, and I was able to walk a little faster than when I first put it on me. It just felt warm and heavy, but other than that, I was used to the feeling.

I showed up on his doorstep, and rang the doorbell. The door opened immediately, Mark stood there in swimming trunks and flip flops.

"Entree," he motioned me to come in.

I was worried what he had in store for me, but I was also a little excited... even though I felt ashamed to admit it to myself.

"Have a seat."

I sat on the edge of an ottoman, and the pump stuck straight out and bounced up and down from the motion.

"Lets have a see, shall we?" He eagerly lifted up my skirt, and I was too scared to look, so I looked at the ceiling.

"Wow! I had no idea you'd get this big!"

I quickly looked down, and screamed when I saw the horrible truth... My cunt had reached the end of the pump cup. It probably did when I was in 6th period... that was what stopped the valve from sucking more air in. Fuck, I was in trouble now... he might not tell anyone about my pussy, but he was sure to cause me to never have a normal pussy ever again for the rest of my life! What could I do now?!

::Knock Knock Knock:: Someone was at the door... but who? Oh fuck... if it was his family back early, I was screwed.

He went to the door and said, "Who is it?"

To my shock I heard the voice of my boyfriend.

"Open up! I know what you two are up to! If you don't open the door I am going to call your Mother and tell her where you really are... and it obviously isn't a sleep over with Jenny like she told me you said...

Mark seemed unsure as what to do, I said, "open up, if you don't this will get a whole lot worse faster than letting him in." I quickly covered my pussy with my skirt and then grabbed a throw pillow to place over top the large bulging mound between my legs. I gave the okay nod for him to open the door.

He hesitantly, opened the door, and my boyfriend stomped in.

"Sick, are we? Sure doesn't look like you are coming down with a cold. Looks like you are a fucking cheating bitch..." He turned to start talking with Mark, and it seemed like he was going to try to fight him, so I screamed and said, "Look!!"

I threw the pillow off of me and lifted up my skirt. My boyfriend and Mark both stared in my direction. Mark had an evil grin, while my boyfriend looked confused as to what he was witnessing.

"It's all my fault... okay? I deformed my pussy with a pump the other day before the pool party, and Mark happened to find out and I didn't want anyone else to find out--- especially you, James, I was worried that you would never feel the same way about me again-- after you saw me like this... all huge and deformed looking. It's so shameful. I am so sorry, please don't hate me! I'm a monster now... look at me!"

I had a sudden horny wave of pleasure come over me, it was mixed with utter embarrassment, but there was still a tinge of horny tingling in my cunt.

I noticed both James and Mark had bulges in their pants, while Mark had a grin, and James mouth just hung open in shock.

"Why don't you do the honors of removing the cup, " Mark said as he handed the remote control to James. "it's the down button."

James seemed stunned, and pressed the down button. ::flup hiss:: the end of the cup unplugged and I let out a sigh of relief from the pressure I had grown used to.

James pressed it several more times, ::hisssss hisssss:: my pussy slowly began to shrink out of the cup, even though it was still huge.

I couldn't help but show the pleasure from my pussy being released from the cup, it was embarrassing, but enjoying it wouldn't change the fact that it was an embarrassing situation. My pelvis gyrated as the cup eventually slipped off of me, and out slurped by enormous fat cunt.

Worried to see the size of my pussy, but even more worried to see my boyfriends reaction to the size of my pussy, I closed my eyes and looked up towards the ceiling. All I could focus on was the incredible feeling of such a horny monster sized pussy. I reached down to grab it, and it far exceeded what my hands could hold. I began rubbing and jiggling it, focusing on my enormous swollen clit hidden under the folds of protruding labia lips... it felt unbelievable. The flesh was so dense and full that the ends felt cold from being stretched to the max.

To my surprise I heard my boyfriend say, "Open your mouth and suck me you deformed whore." I opened my eyes and right before my face was by boyfriends raging hard cock. He grabbed the back of my head and forced my mouth on to his dick-- hard. Shocked that he would do such a thing in front of someone else, the rush of it gave me an unexpected thrill. I had never been a fan of public displays of affection, but now here I was, sucking my boyfriend off in front of a classmate, while exposing my huge pumped pussy for him to see. I looked over towards Mark, and saw that he was jerking his penis, too. My boyfriend's penis was very big, 9.5 erect, with a bulbous head and a decent girth. From what I saw Mark's penis looked to be shorter, but with much more girth than my boyfriend.

"Yeah, suck it bitch. Better get used to sucking me now, no way I will fuck your used gross looking pussy anymore."

What? Are you serious? I thought, saddened by this comment.

"Mark, you can have her pussy, it's too gross for me to fuck anymore." What?! I'm not just some sort of property he can give away. I shook my head in protest.

"I guess you won't mind me posting this on your Facebook, then." Mark sneered...

I shook my head even harder, and tried to say no, but the cock in my mouth muffled it.

"That's what I thought." Mark laughed.

"If you can, is there a way to pump her bigger? Might as well see the limits of this growth monster... it is impressive, to say the least." My boyfriend asked Mark.

As James exploded down my throat, Mark smiled, and said, "I was hoping you would ask me that..."

Part 3



James is reluctant and isn't sure if he hates her new cunt and is totally disgusted... or if he is slowly starting to like the freakish size of her monster cunt... and since she is ruined now, might as well see how big the bitch can grow... despite what she may want or despite the discomfort she might experience from it, and despite any irreparable damage all this might cause her.

Mark may seem to be the most devious between James and Mark, but ultimately, the astonishing and unbelievable outcome of her pussy's size is caused from her boyfriend, James' utter fascination to see how big she can get... at any cost that she might encounter. Even Mark tries to reason with James, but James will dominate and cause her pussy to grow to insane proportions against the will of his girlfriend.

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Re: .-~* Erotic Stories By WowImBig *~-.

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Mmm, this gives me all kinds of ideas...

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Re: .-~* Erotic Stories By WowImBig *~-.

Post by pumpking » Tue Aug 04, 2015 5:45 am

Love it,contiune 8)

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Re: .-~* Erotic Stories By WowImBig *~-.

Post by varmin » Tue Aug 04, 2015 6:01 am

I love it, especially the part about being in public at a pool party, trying to hide your enormous pussy. I feel like that part could be elaborated on.

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Re: .-~* Erotic Stories By WowImBig *~-.

Post by TheQ999 » Mon Aug 24, 2015 12:04 pm

So I've been writing something along the lines of this story as a continuation. If people want me to post it lemme know. It's getting a little out of control as far as how long it is, and the proportions of body parts are also incredibly unrealistic, but I find it fun :)

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Re: .-~* Erotic Stories By WowImBig *~-.

Post by darkwolf43 » Mon Aug 24, 2015 12:34 pm

please post it I'm sure everyone hear would love to read it.

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Re: .-~* Erotic Stories By WowImBig *~-.

Post by crakerjack » Mon Aug 24, 2015 8:00 pm

TheQ999....lets have it...

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Re: .-~* Erotic Stories By WowImBig *~-.

Post by TheQ999 » Tue Aug 25, 2015 5:24 am

darkwolf43 wrote:please post it I'm sure everyone hear would love to read it.
crakerjack wrote:TheQ999....lets have it...
Alrighty I'll cut it up a little bit tonight to fit better in the forum space :)

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Re: .-~* Erotic Stories By WowImBig *~-.

Post by havok1209 » Thu Aug 27, 2015 9:46 pm

TheQ999 wrote:
darkwolf43 wrote:please post it I'm sure everyone hear would love to read it.
crakerjack wrote:TheQ999....lets have it...
Alrighty I'll cut it up a little bit tonight to fit better in the forum space :)
Would love to see what you have!!!

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Re: .-~* Erotic Stories By WowImBig *~-.

Post by TheQ999 » Tue Sep 08, 2015 8:32 pm

Alright, so here goes. Sorry about the long ass wait I've been really busy with work and haven't had time for fun :(
I don't know how the formatting is going to work in here so bear with me if it doesn't look good right away. Also I'm not a professional writer so keep that in mind while reading, lol.

TheQ999's Adaption: P1 - Starting off where wowimbig ended.

A week had passed and my swollen pussy has not gone down to normal size since. Mark and James bought a cylinder with a pump attachment, and force me to wear it under a dress every day.

The long skirt I was wearing previously became too small, and people were growing suspicious of the tip of cylinder poking out and inch in full view. It was even worse when I sat down with it, my skirt would ride up, and you could see about 3 inches of my red, engorged lips packed up against the end of the tube.

Now the dresses I wore were nice and long, and thankfully very comfortable summer dresses. I’ve needed the extra comfort, because I haven’t completely gotten used to the constant throbbing, pulsing and ache in my growing, monstrous cunt. Now, when I sit, it sticks out past my knees and my dress falls across the hard outer edge of the acrylic pump, making it look like I have a third leg or some kind of massive bulge. I have to angle my legs outright a little bit to conceal it. Every now and then it will clunk against the chair when I sit down, or the pump will vibrate, making a definite audible rumble against the hard seats. Like a cell phone vibrating on a wooden desk. Thankfully nobody puts much thought into the noise.

I don’t know where Mark has been, I haven’t seen him all week. After 3rd period I went to my locker, and James was already at his. He was rummaging through his own open locker, which was only 3 rows away from mine.

“Where’s Mark?” I said.

Mark leaned back and closed his locker halfway, wondering who it was. When he saw me he grimaced a little, and instinctively looked down to see if he could see my attached tube through the dress. Before he answered me, he scanned the hallway, seeing if any others were around. I guess he thought it was safe enough because he reached down and flicked the tube, making sure it was still in place.

“He’s preparing.” He said. Then he gave me a sly smirk.

I lowered my head, his grimace made me feel ashamed. Then I saw his cock starting to swell up under his jeans, and they were pulling tight…really tight. He had a massive cock, 9.5 inches long, plenty of girth, and riddled with pulsing veins. The sight of his bulge started to make me even more wet than I already was.

“Preparing for what?”

“You’re just going to have to wait and find out. But I think you’ll like it, it’s what you’re…into.” He glanced back down at my crotch again and grimaced more.

“But he told me to wait, too. We can’t use you until this weekend, not until you’re maxed out…If you can even max that fucking thing out, considering how ruined it is. I doubt you’ll ever be able to stop growing. I bet there’s no limit, but we’ll find that out, one way or another.”

He reached in his locker and took out his remote again, he held the up arrow down, and I could feel lips being pulled downward, towards the end of the tube. The low pump whirring stopped, and I could feel my bloated cunt pressed tight up against the end of the tube…No more room.

James laughed, and said “Of course you’re already filling that. Whatever, we have another one waiting for at home; I’ll be over later to put it on myself.”

I kept my head down and walked away…or more like waddled away. My pussy lips were so full and so tight, I could feel it. I could feel my entire cunt pulsing with every heartbeat. I doubt I even needed lube anymore, whatever space was left in the tube must have been used up by how wet I was getting. I needed cock; I craved it so bad it hurt. Only 2 more days until the weekend and I would be getting used again. I’m starting to like it. I feel like a little play toy, but I’m getting pleasure out of it myself. They think they are shaming me into ruining my pussy, but really I’m okay with it. I get to do something I’m obsessed about, and get some cock. I feel like I’m being worshipped, but maybe I’m just thinking that way to make myself feel better. I’m really hoping that they don’t tell anyone, I don’t need this getting out and wrecking my image. I’d be labeled a freak, forever, by everyone I know. This is why I do what they tell me. Even though I like it, I am scared to let anyone know.

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Re: .-~* Erotic Stories By WowImBig *~-.

Post by darkwolf43 » Tue Sep 08, 2015 9:11 pm

Please write some more. Don't leave us in suspence

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Re: .-~* Erotic Stories By WowImBig *~-.

Post by TheQ999 » Tue Sep 08, 2015 9:46 pm

TheQ999 Adaption: P2

I got home and scurried to my room, past my parents and my brother and into my bedroom. I shut the door and locked it. Any of my family obviously didn’t need to know, either. Just because they’re family doesn’t automatically make them the most understanding people in the world.
I took my bag off and put it on the bed, checked to make sure the door was locked again and went over to my desk to turn my computer on. While I waited for everything to load up, I lifted my dress up from the bottom. My heart was racing, and I was shaking all over with anticipation. I kept my eyes shut until I was fully undressed, I didn’t want to ruin the surprise little by little, I wanted to see it all at once.

I opened my eyes. I looked down. And I gasped. I almost screamed, but I had a mind enough not to. James had put a 27” tube on my pussy the night before, he made me sleep in it and wear it all day today. The one before that was 17”. A whole 10” bigger and it was completely packed, right to the end. I sat down on my bed, but this time I didn’t have to hide my pussy when my legs outstretched under a desk. I kept my legs slightly more together, and gripped the tube with both of my hands and held my own pussy up right in front of my face. It was red, and swollen and angry, and disgusting, and slimy and wretched, and beautiful, all at the same time. I put cheek up against the tube and felt the steamy hot casing against my cheek. I smiled.

Then someone knocked on my door.

My heart leapt into my throat, I let go of the tube and I jumped in sudden shock. The tube clattered against my desk edge and I tried to mask the noise by saying, “Who is it?” The fear in my voice changed the pitch a little higher, almost making it a squeaky demand.

“James.”, Came the reply.

I sagged in relief, and glanced at my dress. It was staying on the floor. I tip toed over and opened the door, keeping well behind it to hide myself. I put my head around the corner and said:

“Are you alone?”

“Of course I am, your family likes me, I get a free pass”. He smirked again, then he pushed the door open wider and made his way in.

His eyes went wide, then his brow furrowed and his mouth turned down slightly in another grimace when he saw the train wreck he made of my cunt. But his bulge was unmistakable. He was completely erect, it looked like he was about to explode out of his jeans.

“Get on the bed.” He said.

“I thought you said you couldn’t use me until this weekend?”

“Just do it.”

I sat down, he followed me over and stood in front of me. He grabbed my tube and hefted it in his hand…then did the same thing with both hands.

“Jesus Christ, this is…This is actually amazing. I can’t decide if I think it’s disgusting or I love it, but it’s definitely amazing. Obviously my cock knows what it thinks.

He reached down and undid his pants, and pulled them down halfway. His cock flopped out of his boxers, and with every single one of his heartbeats, it became more veiny, and it lifted slightly more, like a slow motion point to the ceiling. It pulsed upwards until it was practically pointing straight up, I had never seen him his hard before. It was just sitting there, as hard as a rock, and pulsing back and forth with the tiniest movements to his heartbeat.

Then he released the air inside my tube, and I felt extreme relief as the pressure finally fell back to normal. He tugged at the tube, lifting it up off of my pussy with a slight sucking noise as the air moved around my lips. It finally pulled free with a beautiful shlucking noise, and made a wet slap as it fell back down against my legs, limp. It wobbled insanely after it hit, like an aftershock, and I had absolutely no words. My cunt was absolutely gigantic…It was almost as wide as both my legs together were, and it drooped over my knees a little. A wave of hornyness came over me, and I started to get incredibly hot. I could feel my pussy starting to get wet, sopping wet…It was practically instant.

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Re: .-~* Erotic Stories By WowImBig *~-.

Post by metalheavy6 » Wed Sep 09, 2015 12:53 am

Awesome work, Q!

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Re: .-~* Erotic Stories By WowImBig *~-.

Post by TheQ999 » Wed Sep 09, 2015 3:44 am

More coming soon after I'm done work :D

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