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Detailed images of the Extender and the device in use.


Side view, Extender is extended

Looking down from the top - not extended

Click to enlarge - 1X 2X
Click to enlarge 1X 2X

Side View - not extended

Extender in use - extending penis

Click to enlarge - 1X 2X
Click to enlarge - 1X 2X


The following pictures show the steps of putting an extender on and the device in use.

1) Penis is inserted into the Extender. (Enlarge picture 2X)

2) The fastening device is place around the head of penis.

Enlarge picture 2X

3) Fasting device place around the head of penis below corona. Enlarge picture 2X.

4) The device is tighten somewhat around the head to hold penis in place. Enlarge picture 2X.

5) Outer Extender sleeve is rotated to align holes.

Enlarge picture 2X.

6) Completing rotation of sleeve to align the holes for the pin. Enlarge picture 2X.

7) With holes aligned - Extender is extended away from body. Enlarge picture 2X.

8) Notice the penis is being stretched lengthwise as the device is extended. Enlarge picture 2X.

9) Penis is now extended and lock pin is put in place to hold the penis at the desired extended length.

Enlarge picture 2X.

You can extend the penis to whatever length is comfortable. The key to success is to use the device on a regular basis. Some users have reported gains of 2 inches or more with regular use! That's a big gain!