Where can I cam?

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Where can I cam?

Post by phatnippigdc » Thu Oct 19, 2017 11:19 pm

Hey pumping pigs I have a mac and want to cam with pumpers? What's the best site, dudes?

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Re: Where can I cam?

Post by series » Tue Oct 31, 2017 12:31 am

Hi, cam/chat relies on people using it at the same time. The google version I think failed because it was not anonymous. Some involve a cost. So here is a suggestion to everyone who fancies on cam/chat pumping with others: I suggest we use appear.in free anonymous video conferencing. I have no connexion to it other than I am in another group who use it. Gives good video, sound if you want it and text chat. We all need to go to the same room so here you are https://appear.in/pumpingpigs hope to meet someone there.

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Re: Where can I cam?

Post by biffosmudge » Fri Nov 03, 2017 7:00 pm

Hi there

Sadly there are no longer any dedicated cam chat sites for pumpers that exist or if any remain are not used the only site i know left that has one for pumpers is http://pumperworld.com/

Yes as suggested rooms at https://appear.in/ are very good i have used and own one myself i tend to keep it for use when enough buds group up to pump.

As mentioned it can anonymous you choose your name and when the last one leaves the room clears and any chat text is removed ready for a clean start next time and unlike zoom which is used by a lot of pumpers it only has 8 cams in the free version and it is open 24/7 for use.

Most of theses apps allow some type of screen sharing so its possible to link a few rooms up again as mentioned video conferencing.

Zoom has more cams but is only around 45 mins before a new room is re started or created and you have to know room address that are owned or invited to them or any of these meetings.

The other option is pump groups on Skype there are a few i have heard of but they seem to use zoom rooms and they have to be listed and there is a thread here regarding Skype and some use KIK and a few others but other than that every thing is fragmented regarding pumping cam to cam.

These groups tend to be owned by some one and not openly public.

As suggested in a link in the post before mine this may be the right place for you to join in on cam with fellow minded pumpers or find like minded pumpers and form your own group and make your own room at https://appear.in/

The real issue with any of these cam solutions is the TIME ZONES, this has always been a big problem with pumpers online at the same time while on cam or even pumping.

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