Kingsnake (Pumping for permanent gains)

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Kingsnake (Pumping for permanent gains)

Post by kingsnake » Wed Sep 04, 2013 6:26 am

Hey fellas. Kingsnake aka the snakeman checking in. I'm new to this site but I've got over 5 years of PE training under my belt. I use to post on Thundersplace as saiyan22 and I'm also saiyan22 over at the Pegym. On Mattersofsize and here I go by kingsnake.

Pumping was the first exercise that got me my first quarter inch in length along with some base girth after 2 months of use on a 3 times a week schedule. My starting size before PE was 8 inches length x 5.2 midshaft girth x 5.5 base girth. Fast forward 5 years and now im 9.6 inches length x 6.3 inches midgirth x 6.5 inches base girth.

To reach such gains I have incorporated hanging, manual stretches, clamping, pumping jelqing and chemical PE through out my 5 years of PE training.

My goal is to reach 10 inches length x 7 inches mid shaft girth.

Right now currently, hang, pump, jelq and wear an ADS. Hanging and ADS wearing is done every day and pumping and jelqing is on an every other day basis getting hit 4 days a week.

I also use topical chemicals twice a day to help keep the tunica and connective tissues of the penis soft and scar free. My topicals chemicals are PABA POWDER dissolved in 70% DMSO solution, Magnesuim oil dissolved in 70% DMSO solution. My main topical applied twice a day is transdermal verapamil gel after my DMSO chemical treatments. All of this is to keep the tunica and connective tissues as soft and elastic as possible and prevent any scarring from the stress of PE.

With the pumping part of my PE training I'm using vacu tech pump. I use a 12 inch length x 2.75 width elliptical thick wall cylinder. Definitely like these pumps better then my old Kaplan pump. 4 gs of pressure feels a lot more intense then 4 gs of pressure on the Kaplan pumps.

Hanging and ADS use is done everyday but the pumping part of my program looks like this. Pumping and jelqing done Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Friday.

30 minutes of pumping in the AM and 30 minutes of pumping in the evening for a total of 1 hour pump time. I break the 30 minutes into 2 fifteen minute sets with 5 to 10 minutes of edging and light jelqing in between each set. One thing I’ve noticed is that I get a much better workout if I go into the tube with an already rock hard erection and maintain the hardest erection possible by watching porn during my pumping session.

By staying rock hard this has minimized fluid build up for me and seems to do a better job at stretching out the CCs and the tunica more for growth. Also by pumping while staying naturally erect from arousal, the power of the erection plus the vacuum force is what stretches the tunica for growth do to an over filling of blood engorgement stretching the tunica walls for growth.

Simply just pumping and using the pump to build an artificial erection from the flaccid state to me doesn’t cause enough internal pressure within the core of the penis itself while lymp fluid is being sucked under the skin. Going into the pump already rock hard and staying rock hard during the session is what has helped me to build permanent gains.

Soon I’ll be ordering another 12 inch length cylinder but this one will be a 2.25 inch cylinder to add to my routine. I’ll be using the thinner cylinder for length since I’ll be able to pack the tube faster. Once you pack the cylinder, the pressure and stretch force will be aimed straight out instead of all around. This will put more pull on the penis for length. I’ll keep using my elliptical thick wall cylinder for girth. Right now I'm fluctuating the pressure from 4 gs to 6 gs.

I would like to hear back from members that have made permanent gains in size from pumping and do not just pump to temporarily inflate the penis with fluid build up. I'm looking for new ways to bring my pumping to the next level as far as what will help me make more permanent gains in size and not just inflate to temporary sizes for fun.

For all members that have made permanent size gains from pumping, please chime in and share your knowledge from your pumping journeys so far.

Here’s some pics showing my training.
Rock hard Edging session.jpg
Edging shot after pumping session.jpg
pumping session 12 inch length cyclinder.jpg
girth workout pumping session.jpg
side view shot NBPEL 9.6 INCHES.jpg
Snake man hanging low.jpg

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Re: Kingsnake (Pumping for permanent gains)

Post by bullbags » Wed Sep 04, 2013 8:00 am

9.6" in length and 2.5" in diameter is magical! Great work but don't forget your balls, u could have it all :twisted: Regards BB.

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Re: Kingsnake (Pumping for permanent gains)

Post by gnvpumper » Wed Sep 04, 2013 8:57 am

Now that is one nice cock.

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Re: Kingsnake (Pumping for permanent gains)

Post by onyxpumper » Wed Sep 04, 2013 11:24 am

Looks like you have a great routine going; the DMSO sounds like it might help but I see that it is banned (i'm reading clove oil does the same thing). I still have to add the ADS to my routine and get a more regimented schedule. I do want to know how old were you when you started PE and what kind of ADS do you use?
beginning at 4.5 girth, working toward having an unpumped girth of 6-6.5

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Re: Kingsnake (Pumping for permanent gains)

Post by tigerdave » Thu Sep 05, 2013 8:46 am

Very interesting routine for length gains, thanks for explaining it King!


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Re: Kingsnake (Pumping for permanent gains)

Post by nice_cock » Thu Sep 05, 2013 10:32 pm

yo kingsnake,

impressive results you achieved.

i am relatively new to pumping, but i experimented a lot in the last months.
unfortunately my identy was theft, so i deleted my stuff on newart.

the best concept i encountered is overpacking: viewtopic.php?f=8&t=41687

moreover i like to use a helps a lot to maintain size after pumping.
i use a loose neoprene cock+ball-ring which isnt too restricting and can be worn for hours.

i am myself "hate" fluid-build ups and donuts.

i avoid it by keeping my sessions short with moderate pressure( 30 [email protected]) max size i reach usually at 40mins into the session.
after this time-mark i experience fluid-build up.

i dont enter the tube 100%erect, more like 80% after a warmup+jelqs and start the session @ 1-2 hg and try to get as hard as i can by milking the cylinder and edging in the first minutes.
this gives me much better results!

then i pulse-pump up to 6 hg and continue milking when i lower the vacuum.
after ten minutes i exit for a few jelqs.

switching to a converted air-pump i continue the set @5hg for 20 mins with 2 short breaks lowering to 1hg and milking.

after experimenting a lot this is the best i came up with.
i am the whole time fully erect and never experience fluids building up.
afterwards i am rock-hard with a nice head-size thanks to the merciless nature of the electric air-pump.

all in all, i gained a quarter inch in length and girth total since then(3months).

having finished the session, i put the before mentioned stayer on, couple hours later i perform a jelq session ( i remove the styer 30-60mins before that), stayer is put on again on and bi-oil applied to stay engorged.

pumping every other day and every two weeks a 3 day break is a good pattern for me.

just purchased an extender and divo-suits which i can really recommend.

i am myself really interested in dmso+paba.
read a lot about it, but didnt find a way to apply it safely.
how do you do it?

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Re: Kingsnake (Pumping for permanent gains)

Post by kingsnake » Mon Sep 09, 2013 1:33 pm

Thanks for the support fellas.

Hey onyxpumper. With DMSO you can buy that online at supplements warehouse or Jacobs Lab. Make sure to get the 70% DMSO solution. Not the gel. With the ADS system this to me is important because it’s when doing our PE training, we are creating controlled microscopic damage and gaps in between penile cells. An ADS device is used to keep light tension on the penile cells to keep them open long enough for new cells to fill in during the healing phase. I use my gripsystem vacuum chamber as my hanger and my ADS device and strap it to a leg strap with a pulley that keeps a constant 1.5 pounds of tension on my flaccid penis at all times while standing or sitting.

Hey onxpumper. At the bottom of this post here's a pic of me wearing my ADS device which I wear in between my morning hanging workout and my evening pumping sessions. On my non pumping days I just do hanging, manual stretches, and ADS wearing.

Hey nice_cock. Good routine bro. With the DMSO and paba powder just make sure your penis is clean since DMSO is a potent carrier. If you make sure your penis is clean you will be good to go. Just mix in as much PABA powder into a vial of 70% DMSO until you see Paba powder starting to clump at the bottom of the vial meaning no more PABA can be dissolved in that size vial of DMSO.
ADS Device leg strap pulley.jpg
ADS Device leg strap pulley.jpg (17.17 KiB) Viewed 20636 times

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Re: Kingsnake (Pumping for permanent gains)

Post by nice_cock » Mon Sep 09, 2013 7:16 pm

hey kingsnake,

thanks for your will be a great asset to this forum.
just seen you contacted prelude...great guy with a lot knowlegde about pumping although he goes with high pressure.
as i approach pumping with a little bit of scientific approach regarding new routines and experiments, i would say progression is the key, always applying the smallest pressure,time and sets to get the job done and then increasing the parameters to break a plateau.
it should impossible then to waste potential gains.
i would avoid high pressure and instead concentrate on overpacking because its pretty hardcore done in the right way.
if you want to shock without fluid build-up your chambers try pump to 7-12hg ( best for me :9hg) for last couple of minutes (best for me max 2 )before taking the pressure down for a milk/jelq-break.
pumping up afterwards leads to a lot more expansion ( like a memory-effect) with before used lower pressure.
overdone it can lead to weaker keep in mind to pump up as short as possible.

overread you used a oval-mouth/elliptical cylinder....made the same observation that lower pressure compared to standard tubes is more intense.
moreover jelqing seems to be more effective afterwards because of the horizontal expansion.

read a lot of your stuff @ pegym......great read and i learned a lot.
love your asd/hanger too! looks like a great tool. how much did you pay for it ?

concerning the dmso: so i wash myself (should i avoid soap and use water only?), then apply it with a eyedropper.

how long is the dmso active on the skin afterwards? for example: after applying how long i need to avoid contact with underwear, hands etc.

what i read so far is that i can wash it off after i need to stay in the bathroom for this time span....or is it dry after a couple of minutes and i can continue with my day.
and how "garlic" you become afterwards?
couldnt find the answers online......would be nice if you could give me some hints.

somehow i got interested about chempe too (ordered form ronielle the divosuits;) ) it worth the risk and costs/did you gain? may want to try in one,two years because it seems a great tool to cement and increase girth.

since i deleted all my post/pics i added some, so you know who you deal with.
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Re: Kingsnake (Pumping for permanent gains)

Post by tigerdave » Tue Sep 10, 2013 8:30 am

Ive always found it most effective to pump while hanging very relaxed and full, or semi-erect.
In both states, the tunica is relaxed, so it's not fighting against the pumping effect.


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Re: Kingsnake (Pumping for permanent gains)

Post by tigerdave » Tue Sep 10, 2013 8:38 am

Forgot to add, when I inevitably get a boner during a set, I find it helps to do some light kegels (PC muscle contractions).
This keeps the cock from getting achey by working the blood flow valve some.


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Re: Kingsnake (Pumping for permanent gains)

Post by nice_cock » Wed Sep 11, 2013 4:54 pm


tigerdave cool that you [email protected]
thanks a lot for your pumping headed me in the right direction.
always nice having vets around who know what they are talking about.

i do kegel a lot too while i pump up. especially when i slap my cock inside the tube.

i dont know if you understand kingsnakes motivation to pump.
he doesnt want to pump to be pumped, he wants to gain and use it as a tool for it.
he seeks the gains 48hours after the initial session.

as your advice is great for getting the maximum pump with least fluid build-up as possible, i dont think you would gain.
in my limited experience (i am pretty good reading my body signals/used to competitive training), i would expect with this concept to have incredible gains in the tube but not so much outside of it.

i think key is having a erection as hard as possible for the longest period to maintain it (in my case 30mins) and expand as much "naturally" as you can.
therefore the training around the pumping is so important. you do whatever to gain and use the pump to translate them into a erection.
for example i did a stretching-routine and i grow mm for mm in the tube while doing it.
so i tried to teach my cock to use the stretch to convert it in a maximum erection in the pump.
i think it works.
so the difficulty is to find a routine to expand to get to the maximum out the pump before the rockhard erection subsides.
thats why overpacking is such a genious concept (see prelude ) because you can hold a simulated hardcore erection for a much longer time than the 30mins.
otherwise it would make more sense to enter semi-hard, use pressure between 3-5hg and staying longer in the tube (1hour+) what i imagine could helping making more likely flaccid gains (but not so sure about it because it s not in my focus).

if you think i am wrong, i would really like to be corrected by your insights.
by the way how much did you gain over the years?

moreover in german forums the most popular theory is to gain length flaccid first until you are about an 0,5-1 inch (most concentrate on a gap between 1-1,5cm) longer flaccid stretched than erected and then switching to girth only to convert it to erected lenght.
afterwards repeating the cycle when the erected length catched up with the flaccid stretch size.
conclusion would be therefore avoiding jelqs etc for length gaining period.

most of the vets are switching to this routine to get over their plateaus.
maybe something to consider kingsnake.

ps: i you want me to remove the pics....i will do instantly.didnt intent to disrepect your thread.

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Re: Kingsnake (Pumping for permanent gains)

Post by GTOK » Mon Sep 16, 2013 8:32 pm

Hey King - nice to catch you over here as well as @Mos (I post as mmandingo there) and at @PEGym (GTO over there).

As far as perm gains, I've packed on a solid .5+ inches of girth and about .5 in length. Current measurements are 8.2 length X 6.7 mean girth (midshaft is 6.5, base is touching 7). My routine has slowly evolved to 90% pumping (I have a pretty extensive log over @PEGym) but I plan to get back into stretching more (my current plan is pumping for length). My goal size is the same as yours and you crrtainly seem to have a good technique for length gains.

I pump nearly every day, between 45 min to 1.5 hours and I go through a range of tubes (I pump balls too). Max pressure hit so far is 21Hg but I limit sustained pressure to a max of 15Hg.

Love your work, man, and I've got a lot of questions for you. Gonna shoot a PM later.
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Re: Kingsnake (Pumping for permanent gains)

Post by Shavenasian » Mon Oct 21, 2013 12:58 am

Hey man i remember you from MOS - thats a great site and you have a great cock - glad to see you here man!

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Re: Kingsnake (Pumping for permanent gains)

Post by bob3780 » Mon Oct 21, 2013 1:20 am

Just how does DMSO help and how is it to be used?

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Re: Kingsnake (Pumping for permanent gains)

Post by thughung » Mon Oct 21, 2013 7:27 am

Hi very impressive results. Istarted pumping over 10 years ago. When i startyed my dick was approx 7.5 x 5. I wish i had been more cocsistant with my pumping routine in the early days. Have been very dedicated to the cause over the past 7 years. my cock is now like 10x8. After pumping on a good day i can reach almost 12". most recently aboout a year ago i purchased a 4x12 2nd cylandar. This has really upped the game. i dont really have a goal..... just keep getting bigger. as u know you only get uot of this what u put into it

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