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Post by wannabe7 » Sun Aug 13, 2006 3:52 am

it appears that some straight guys like having their asses/prostates worked over. if doing it with another guy is out ot the question, why not get a double ender and get topped by wife/girlfriend? do this either on all fours or in missionary while wanking. starting with rimming from a55hole to balls followed by milking can be mind blowing too.

a woman billing herself as a lesbian married her male friend. she occasionally tops him asking him "whose your mommy?" getting kinky with role reversal here. :D

years ago, read in a penthouse forum that a husband regularly ran out to get topped by men because he liked the a55 work. she found out. one night she surprised him, strapped on one and it was sheeer bliss. he had not strayed since.

cheers from the san francisco bay area.

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Post by Tarfih » Thu Aug 17, 2006 5:25 am

Too early...

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Post by jack6two » Mon Sep 18, 2006 3:51 pm

when i milk sometimes alone my cocks, i put a brush stick in the ass. It gives a higher coming, more intensive! But during sex with my wife i never tried it. I think and am afraid of that she would cry! But prostata massage is very good for sex! :roll: :cry:
i have practifyed all kinds of cbt until splitting my cock until the halft length of shaft at last


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Post by robhenry » Mon Nov 06, 2006 5:15 am

This is a true account written by a guy who was milked.

This was not me, only I wish!



My Encounter with a Milking God

I had been trying to meet a milker on my trip out West last week. At
the last minute on Wednesday, before flying back for Florida I met
someone who came to my hotel room to milk me. I wish I could tell you
who he is but he asked me not to. He was amazing!!!

He came over to my hotel room. We talked for a little bit. He didn't
sound crazy and he made me feel comfortable. Within minutes I was
bound spread-eagle on the bed and he went to work. What I find amazing
is how everyone I have ever been with has been so different. In
previous encounters the BDSM component was the most important and some
milking was added. In this session the elements were simplified to his
hands, my cock, and a jar of Albolene. I remember someone mentioning
how they like milking straight guys because they are so arrogant. I
don't think it's arrogance, I think it's a simple lack of knowledge.
Within 5 minutes he had me ready to shoot but he knew just when and
how to move his hands to continue the stimulation on my cock while
preventing me from reaching an orgasm. At the 15 minute mark I was
desperate. The big talker that wanted to be milked for hours is
desperate after 15 minutes. I also noticed how much my "tormentor"
enjoyed playing with the head of my cock, that, by this point was
extremely sensitive. He would never just grab my cock and stroke me --
always the hands would gently SLIDE up and down, up and down while
constantly reapplying more Albolene. I was beginning to lose my mind.
I realized that he knew when I was getting close so I started to think
of ways I could trick him into thinking I wasn't close. I thought I
tricked him because I was just about ready to cum when he stopped.
"Pleeease don't stop, pleeease!!!" came out of my mouth almost as an
instinctive reaction. I "came" but I didn't cum. Almost a teaspoon of
pre-cum was released and used as lubrication to continue the torment.

The teasing was relentless to the point that I actually ejaculated
three more times (I'm talking the white stuff - lol) without an
orgasm. I remember during the last of those times I felt he was
finally going to let me cum. I tensed every muscle in my body for the
release that was long in coming. I'm thinking, "Yes, please one more
gentle slide of those fingers on the underside of my cock." A gentle
breeze could make me cum now. I'm there, I'm there, I can feel my back
arching, and my sperm getting ready to shoot, and...HE STOPS!!!! My
cock just sticks out there, throbbing, wating for that last bit of
stimulation that will take me over the top...

I can't take it! I plead. I beg. I try to force the orgasm using my
mind and will. I can feel my juices being forced out of my cock by my
efforts. He gets his sperm but I don't get my release! I have heard
and read in this forum about how milkers can get their "victims" so
desperate they'll do ANYTHING for relief. This feeling was a first for
me. I would have done anything, agreed to anything for the orgasm he
continually denied me. He started up again. At this point I was
beginning to wonder if I would ever cum. He had been working my cock
for 2 hours. I had never seen the skin of my cock tighter. I could see
and feel the pulsing of blood on the veins of my now very red and
frustrated cock. I did not even wish to participate any more but I was
no longer in control of my body's reactions. He was. He continued to
"torment" my cock and I was compelled to react whether I wanted to or
not. My body was at his command. My whole being was reduced to a 6
inch area of my body being teased by his hands. Nothing else mattered.
I'm there, I'm there, I can feel my back arching. I'm no longer
breathing. "Oh God, I'm cuming." I see him hesitate. "Please don't
stop! Please don't stop!" It felt like my brain was being sucked out
through my penis. My whole body was cuming! I have never felt that
kind of euphoria from an orgasm before.

He let me enjoy the orgasm but then he began to gently glide his hands
up and down on the penis again. I started to thrash all over the bed.
I could not take it. My cock was too sensitive. At that point I would
have agreed to a whipping instead of the sensations I was feeling.
After about 2 minutes of that real torture he stopped. He was after
all a nice man! He must have known he took me places I had never been
to before.

I thanked him for the incredible orgasm. His reply to me was that he
made a mistake and wanted to see how much sperm I could shoot without
an orgasm but he went too far and made a mistake -- that's why I came
when I did. Maybe he's not such a nice man after all! (lol)



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Post by buddy2 » Mon Oct 29, 2007 6:25 am

Thank Halogen for your info
we have tried without manual genital feels like its going to happen but it never have to use fingers for that "technique"....alot of pressure has to be applied with two'll get a weird burning feeling in the head of your cock.....i never got any further than that.....the best way to do this is get on all fours...your partner uses index and middle finger....(use lube, and a may get a lil messy)...insert fingers as far as possible and apply down ward pressure in a "come hither" motion
I'm not unaccustomed to having fingers etc in my arse and recall the 'discomfort' when pressure is applied to the prostrate although I did not realise thats what it was.

I tried your technique last night sitting on the edge of the bath and initially got a stiffy which went with the initial discomfort of pressure on the prostrate. After that I found it to be enjoyable, within a few minutes the pre-cum start flowing and didnt seem to stop for about half hour. During that time I had about half a dozen, what I could only describe as, orgasms with a sticky clearish liquid and this was all without touching my cock.

I then started wanking which I really enjoyed even though I had no erection, all the while the pre-cum was still running. Suddenly and much to my surprise I went from totally soft to rock hard and shot my load but the cum was very thick and lumpy as described, I would say much like whipped cream. I then stayed hard and wanked to ejaculation twice more.

Thanks again for the info, in particular about the possible brown mess, I used 2 disposable latex gloves and wore through both.
I certainly will be doing this again and next time plan to try to catch the pre-cum to see how much there was, it certainly took some clearing up off the bathroom floor also I may try to get my partner to do it to me as its a very awkward position for DIY

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Re: Prostate Milking

Post by luvpain » Tue Apr 15, 2014 6:39 am

my wife does this regurarly to me. She makes the whole process as unpersonal as possible. Im impotent, and love asswork cause it is about the only way i can get some enjoyment from having sex. My wifes boyfriend often helps her. The technique is not painfull at all. Its a nice pleasant sensation, but not as intense as a male orgasm, helas. The prostate fluid that comes out is appearantly healthy for the prostate to get out. The doctor showed my wife on a small drawing how to perform it. She enjoys it greatly, i like it as well.

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Re: Prostate Milking

Post by damien » Wed Jun 14, 2017 8:58 pm

I am probably on the wrong forum here, but whatever. I use my pump/tube to milk my pre cum (Cowper's glands fluid) as I had a radical prostectomy some time back, and discovered while pumping for penile rehab, fluid started to increase in the tube to the point that now I currently can milk up to 100ml in one pump session. Great feeling and relief after losing part of my manhood.

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