Public pumper sightings

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Public pumper sightings

Post by iPumpFL » Mon Jul 03, 2017 3:37 am

Was at Orchard earlier today, Fort Lauderdale, and saw two dudes. A couple, or a couple of buds, looked t be pumpers. One, the younger of the two, looked to have been enjoying a sun tea jar, Bulge Master, or a Monster Tuber earlier in the morning. Obvious bulges, younger one mighty darn large, both free balling, and I so wanted to ask if they are vac pumpers. But, being a shy guy, I did not. Man what nice site to see! Over heard one telling a store clerk they just relocated from Gainseville, FL. Hope I am fortunate enough to see them again. And even more fortunate enough to pump with them.
groove the tube!

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