where to buy ballpump devices?

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where to buy ballpump devices?

Post by dramkont » Mon Nov 20, 2017 5:43 pm

hello guys, i would like to know where i can buy one of those cylinders or jars or whatever i need to pump up my balls, i know some american shops but they charge me big time ( i am in holland ) one two stage cylionder will cost me more than 200 euros, so perhaps it is even possible to create something my self with your help and advise ofcourse.
Thanks in advance,

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Re: where to buy ballpump devices?

Post by biffosmudge » Mon Nov 20, 2017 8:13 pm

Hi Robert

Firstly before trying any of the bellow it would be wise to trawl through the forum posts as most of this has been covered before :)

There are two ways you can go about this and the 1st is try looking at posts here for used equipment for sale it could save you a few euro's and the 2nd is be creative for less euro's.

You mention jars and 2 stage cylinders so i assume you will be pumping your whole package.

On the pump side of things you will find two low cost methods first is the manual pump like the jabsco fluid marine pump (re branded known as the Boston pump) and second the converted aquarium pump such as the tetra APS 400, and will need a water trap in line if used for wet pumping.

Both will allow you to use cylinder connectors or the use of open thin tubing which next i will explain.

Most commercial jars have a 3.5" and 4" Dia openings an ideal size for pumping Balls and some domestic jars such as Killner & mason type food storage jars have similar opening around theses sizes in there ranges.

Ball pumping started with thick glass sun tea jars which had the added advantage of a tap which was converted to take a vacuum connector and are available still to day by killner in europe.

As long as the Glass is THICK and has no flaws or cracks or chips in them all you need is a thin tube connected to your pump (or suck air out with your mouth) but once you have a jar you think suits your needs with no holes drilled simply lube up put the tube in the jar just before the bottom and insert your package remove enough air to for a nice enjoyable vacuum and withdraw the tube.

That,s cheep pro active pumping.

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