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getting a free sub and meato

Post by angleofdangle » Thu May 11, 2017 8:56 pm

I have lurked here for a while but now have something to contribute. I have done a bit of urethral sounding and was working up to taking 12mm right through to my bladder. I found some months ago that I was not progressing, size wise, and then found that my urethra was getting tighter and shrinking. I then found some thick white crusty skin forming in my meatus which cracked when stretched and was a little uncomfortable. I laid off the sounding but it didn't get better. The white skin formation grows and can be picked off in chunks, like picking a scab, Yesterday I got referred to the urology department at my local hospital and they had a quick look see. Apparently they think I have Lichen Scherosus (LS) forming in my urethra. The causes of this are not known but it is not an infection caught from anyone, nor is it likely to be a result of the sounding. There isn't a simple cure. The hospital are having me back in for a full evaluation, dye down the tube, endoscope inspection, small biopsy etc.

The treatment they are warning me about is to open up the urethra (subincision) as far back as the growth has formed and to strip out all of the affected urethral skin. The bad skin is replaced with a graft taken from the inside of your cheek (same waterproof membrane) which is stitched in place. The underside of the penis is then temporarily stitched around the edges of the open slit so that it stays open until the grafted skin has fully healed in place. A catheter is inserted to allow peeing without getting urine on the grafted area until it has healed. You are left like this for 4 to 6 months, a free sub on the NHS! I don't know how things will turn out in the end as I am uncut and don't want to lose my foreskin. A search on the www suggests that a circumcision is carried out with this procedure but most male sufferers of LS have it affecting their foreskins and causing problems with retraction thereof. Mine is all internal in my urethra. I probably won't be able to get a video of the operation but I might take some stills of the before, after and healing process. I might even post them if anyone is interested.

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