DIY Circumcision

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DIY Circumcision

Post by Diycirc » Thu Apr 20, 2017 8:39 pm

I guess I’ve always wanted to be circumcised from a lad – when at school I noticed the very few who were. In the UK, from my experience, not that many males are circumcised.
Recently I’ve noticed that my penis has been a bit smelly and no matter how much I washed and cleaned the smell remained. Where the inner foreskin meets the outer I’d developed a rough skin which itched, flaked and probably smelled. I decided to look at the internet to see what could be done.
I saw some joke circumcisions but saw the Prepex website; it looked the business. Unfortunately you can’t buy the kit but you can make it!
First measure the diameter of your sulcus (that’s the groove running around the penis just below the glans) using a wire loop mine was 30mm – so now I had to look for a grooved ring with an inside diameter of 30mm. In the end I used the top of a Hellmanns salad dressing container it’s made from polycarbonate so it’s pretty strong and, importantly, inert.
The rubber ring didn’t present a problem – used a 20mm rubber ring.
The difficult bit was the guide to hold the ring in an expanded fashion so it could be placed over the polycarbonate grooved ring. In the end I used a steel ring with 4 pins in it. The 4 pins form a square such that the square locates around the outside of the polycarbonate grooved ring – this was 33mm.
Last Wednesday I decided to do the deed. Using some Anbesol anaesthetic and antiseptic to clean and numb I put the polycarbonate grooved ring in place and slipped over the rubber ring – there’s a video on the Prepex site showing what to do. I probably should have used the Emla cream they recommend because while it wasn’t really painful it was uncomfortable for about 4 hours afterwards. By this time the trapped foreskin was numb but the colour hadn’t changed. I used a cotton bud with Anbesol on it to dampen done any discomfort.
Had a couple of sleepless bouts on Wednesday and Thursday night but that could have been alcohol  - Friday was fine all day – the trapped portion had started to change colour.
It’s now Saturday – the trapped foreskin has turned black but the skin below the band had swollen a bit – so I applied some Ibuprofen cream seems to be working – there’s a slight tenderness but generally no pain.
I planned to remove the necrotised tissue next Thursday – that’s one day longer than the Prepex people recommend but the timing fits better.
In fact I removed the necrotised tissue on the Tuesday – there was some puss forming which I cleaned with antiseptic fluid – antiseptic wipes are invaluable.
The necrotised tissue had dried to the consistency of leather and was quite difficult but painless to cut through. Once cleaned up I was left with a low and tight circumcision. After about 2-3 weeks any necrotised tissue had fallen away and I was left with a fully and neatly circumcised penis.
Now some three months on and what’s it like?
I regret not having done this before – now the glans are exposed I’m normally in a semi-aroused state most of the time. There’s no longer any itching and smell and I’ve not noticed any reduction in sensitivity – rather the opposite – all in all a good job done.

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Re: DIY Circumcision

Post by stefan1962 » Fri Apr 21, 2017 10:21 am

Yeah, i have circ myself 10 years ago with clamp... First i was shocked by the result, a few weeks later it was a good you let us see your result?
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Re: DIY Circumcision

Post by herrjonny » Sun Apr 23, 2017 4:31 pm


sounds pretty exciting! I've thought about doing that myself quite a lot. Unfortunately I couldn't really find any experiences on the internet so far, neither pictures. Could you upload some to show me some results? I seriously think about doing it, but would like to have some pics first.

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Re: DIY Circumcision

Post by max999 » Mon Apr 24, 2017 1:09 am

Do you think a similar technique can be used to cut the frenulum?

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Re: DIY Circumcision

Post by stefan1962 » Tue Apr 25, 2017 2:32 pm

...some weeks later...

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Re: DIY Circumcision

Post by kalahari. » Tue Apr 25, 2017 3:44 pm

That looks like a very neat job. I've always been split two ways between having a foreskin and not having a foreskin. On the one hand I take great delight in stretching my foreskin so that it overlaps the end of my helmet, even when I am erect. On the other, I punish it by having multiple piercings which I must admit do feel nice when pleasuring myself. But underneath it all, I've had a secret yearning to be circumcised - and have fantasies about having it done against my will by a very strong and determined woman!

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