Meatotomy this Saturday (Seville)

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Re: Meatotomy this Saturday (Seville)

Post by spidermarvel » Thu Jun 15, 2017 12:59 am

Uh, thank you. It's a relief, I thought it was an infection or something. It really did not hurt or have a fever.

I've also seen your threads in the forum Can I ask you something else, my friend? As I advanced further in the cut I find an area with more meat. I do not know if I explain myself well, that is to say, it is not like when I started to cut the meatus where a thin skin was seen. Now I am seeing a thicker skin or area, this is normal because I want to do a complete meatotomy.

I would also like to have the urethra more open, permanently. For this should cut the walls of the glans? I explain, so far short straight but also should cut a little on each side so you have the most exposed meatus?

Thanks in advance

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Re: Meatotomy this Saturday (Seville)

Post by dlblack » Fri Jun 16, 2017 9:04 am

As I understand it and to my experience there is a small restriction just inside the pee hole. It is a little muscle and it is harder to cut than the thin skin at the hole entrance.
But if you want to put a plug in and leave it in all day or part of the day to feel it and keep you horny. You have to make a decision to leave part of this little muscle there to hold the plug in. If you cut thru it and just make a large hole the plug MAY not stay in for a long time. Once you cut thru it you can not go back as far as I know. This is my experience. Hope this helps. That is why I cut mine just a little snip at a time.

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Re: Meatotomy this Saturday (Seville)

Post by spidermarvel » Fri Jun 16, 2017 3:04 pm

I show you my meatus with the second cut heals, this time I cut 10mm. That's when I found that little muscle (thank you, dlblack). I suppose it may be the first sphincter of the urethra (photos 1-2)

This kind of work I love and it excites me. Only the possibility of increasing the cut gives me pleasure. I'm totally hooked.

Well, I have several goals: to follow a full metatotomy
 And cut that little muscle, because I think it will be a restriction to insert larger objects.

In this I ask you for help, how I should cut, how much this sphincter measures, if I can use the clamp & cut method (using shears for cutting), if the area will bleed a lot, wait times between cut and cut; And above all, healing.

I also plan to open the urethra permanently, sculpt it and know if you can cut the new walls of the glans to expose the urethra (photo 3)

Thanks to the community of this forum that so many emotions me procude

cut the new walls of the glans
open urethra evolution
open urethra

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