tens of needles on cock forskin

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tens of needles on cock forskin

Post by kaplaaaan » Tue Feb 07, 2017 10:47 pm

my mistress pleaseeee it is enough for me !!!
this play causes the diameter of needle hole in my foreskin increases from 1mm to 4mm it cut painful kerfs from 3 sides I never can forget , it opens and opens with inserting needles one by one ..... when it was 10pcs I think it is end of me , I couldn't breath , all my body was wet but finally she stopped this on 50pcs needles...
a (1).jpg
please it can not accept more
a (2).jpg
no no , it is so painful pleaseee
a (3).jpg
i can not continue , plz plzzz it fulled more than 50pcs needles , next play she wants 70

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