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Scrotum and penis modification

Postby golden_condor » Mon Jun 29, 2015 7:03 am

Hi Guys.
Since i was a late teen i have been modifying my scrotum and my penis and penis head. I first started cutting my penis head after i read stories and viewed pictures on I started it all by just taking a knife and started a cutting motion down to my urethra. it took me around and about 16 years to get this far, but you could do it within a month if you cut everyday. When i reached my frenulum i started to cut that until it was divided in two i then started cutting and snipping the rest away until there was noting left. To get the nicest result and a cut right through the middle you need to scrape the rest that is left away until it looks and feels as if there was never a frenulum. After that i started cutting downwards with up to a half a centimeter at once until i started to see some blood. Just let it the blood clot and leave it be for a couple of days before you can go further. Until know i could only cut till i reached my foreskin when pulled down, or just below where the frenulum should start/end. After that i started cutting upwards. Till this moment i have split it so far that i can almost completely fold it open. To reach that you have to make a slow sawing motion and stop when you see blood coming. When you do it nice, easy and calm, then all of these things i have described are nearly painless. When i feel to it i might consider to split the head completely but that could take years and years as i do not know what my partner thinks of it when i modify myself even further down below.

To create a fatter penis just start wearing iron, wooden, rubber, plastic etc. rings that fit very tightly, that really restrict the blood, that makes you feel the ring on your skin and makes it swell, but not to tight that it turns blue or black in twenty minutes. If you have the chance to wear one the whole day that sits comfortable but still restricts the blood in a way that i makes the penis part that is constricted by the ring, swollen, you should do it. As we all have to go to the bathroom several times a day, take the ring of before you pee and put i back on again when you are done. That makes that the cells in your penis can get completely flowed through by blood and when the ring is off the cells expand, and that is what you want to reach. Within two years you should be able to do it if you keep a ring on for say 23 hours a day. Don't worry to keep one on at night, as long as it's tight to the skin and not compressed. The ring i started with all those years ago won't do anything anymore since it is so tight that it pushes out all of the blood that the penis becomes as white as when you have had your hands to long in water. That doesn't hurt but it won't help enlarging. ALWAYS wear a ring that is rounded and 3 mm wide

To enlarge the rim around your penis head when it is flacid, place a ring behind it that is so tight that it can not come off easily, but not to tight that you prevent the blood from reaching the head. Wear it the same time as the penis ring and you should have a nice result. Please consider cutting your frenulum to make sure that the ring is almost evenly tight to the skin below the rim. Else you would only see the size increment on the top side.

To stretch your scrotum you do NOT need any equipment, just your HANDS. Place your right hand around the scrotum the same way as you would firmly grip a half a liter soda bottle. Squeeze your hand together until you feel the scrotum skin on all sides. Do the same with your penis and when gripped, place your hand on your belly. When you have done both, keep pulling on your penis with a constant force. The hand that grabbed the scrotum needs to be pulled down in a slow motion, but not to slow. Keep doing that till you feel the spermcords tighten. Then release the grip a bit, slide upwards and start again. When you have stretched the skin to much in a short time, then the stretched skin could peel of (moult?), but thats oke. The length gain you can reach within a year could be incredible. I have used several tools to try to stretch my scrotum but nothing had that kind of result as just pulling with your hands.

When you pump your penis it is oke to have a donut, just as long as you masturbate when you see you have one when coming out of the pump. The masturbating movement makes that the fluid that is pushed in the "donut" area gets spread out over the complete penis.

Something i forgot to write about when in first posted this, is that you can lengthen your foreskin with help of a vacuum cleaner. That might sound strange but when you place your foreskin in the tube when the machine is active, only keep your foreskin in the pipe. Stretch your foreskin up so as to gain length and let it flubber in the pipe. That will stretch the foreskin. Don't keep it in to since that will form blisters. But if you stretch the stretching over time so the skin can recover itself all is fine. When my penis is erect the foreskin covers the head completely, but as my penis thickens it needs even more stretching to keep it covered, as is the case now. Repeat that everyday for a year and you should get a nice result. Another way to stretch the foreskin is to pull shortly on each side of the end of the foreskin ( so left, right, top and bottom seen from above when hanging down). Do it 5 times for each side to keep the foreskin even in length.

For those who want to increase the outer rim of your anus, just treat it the same as you would when trying to get a womans clit erect. Just make your finger slimy with saliva and move it a little bit faster as you would with a woman. Do that 5 minutes per day with your arm coming from the front as well as the back. You should get a nice result within a year.

Please respond with your remarks, comments and similar projects ;)
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Re: Scrotum and penis modification

Postby Dude19 » Mon Jun 29, 2015 1:05 pm

Cool I am not that big into stretching but I like the cutting part.
I am a straight guy.
I am single.
I have a dirty mind.
I am a kid inside and it will show.
I have a meatotomy in progress.
I am in my 20's.
I believe that I have only one life to live and would like to live it to the fullest.
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Re: Scrotum and penis modification

Postby golden_condor » Sat Jul 04, 2015 11:10 am

Thanks for your opinions in the poll. If the people that voted in the poll (and others that read my story) that i should continue stretching and cutting, could tell me why i should continue, I would much appreciate it. They're responses could inspire me to start cutting and stretching further and in what way they would like me to do it or would give the best result.
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Re: Scrotum and penis modification

Postby bullbags » Mon Jul 06, 2015 11:21 pm

Although I'm not into super extreme mods I do admire erotic variations of foreskins and what I believe is called meototomy and unusual urethral routing such as yours. I think stretching your foreskin even longer would be quite erotic looking especially as you retract it to expose your elongated and lower urethral opening for urination and/or cum squirting :) The only reason I voted against further cutting is it looks awesome now and continuing may ruin the look!? Only my opinion but you did ask. It would be interesting to see how you shoot a huge load :twisted: Fascinated, BB.
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Re: Scrotum and penis modification

Postby golden_condor » Tue Jul 07, 2015 7:47 am

Thanks for the reply bullbags. It indeed would ruin the view of how it looks now as it looks perfect now and i find it very difficult to cut any further down because i have reached the point where the foreskin is attached to the skin of the penis.

Also updated the first post with extra info about how to stretch the foreskin and how to enlarge the outer anal ring.
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Re: Scrotum and penis modification

Postby Peter Borges » Tue Jul 07, 2015 5:51 pm

Agree, - dont go for subincision. Keep your foreskin intact and stretch.
Peter Borges
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Re: Scrotum and penis modification

Postby pigsty » Thu Jul 09, 2015 4:27 am

Hi golden_condor,
I also want to remove my frenum by tying it.
I'm uncut with rather short foreskin, my frenum is not tight at all, but I want to get rid of it.
I don't know how high and deep punch the skin.
Could you please describe in more detail how you have done this, maybe you've got some photos of the procedure.
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Re: Scrotum and penis modification

Postby golden_condor » Thu Jul 09, 2015 6:30 am

The way i cut my frenulum is by pulling the foreskin down as much as possible so your frenulum is very tightly stretched. Then take a sharp kitchen knife with whom you peel your potatos, place it at the frenulum and move the knife in one movement from right to left so that you see it form a cut. Then let it rest a day and start cutting in the cut again, the same way as the day before. To get the nicest result you should let your body heal the wounds and let it create scar tissue. The possitive about scar tissue is that it does not have that many nerves in it so that when you cut that kind of tissue the pain is less (Everywhere i have cut myself down below did not hurt much). When you have cut the frenulum in two pieces, start rubbing over these ends untill you have completely scraped them away. Please take your time so you get the best result. Please let me know if you want to know more but please be precise at what you want to know because some things happend 12 to 14 years ago.... :wink:
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Re: Scrotum and penis modification

Postby Lexi » Mon Dec 28, 2015 6:24 am

Before meatotomy you should remove your frenulum Praeaputii . Only then you can get a straight cut.
I describe my method , as I have my frenulum removed. Everyone must of course know what he wants to do himself .
The frenulum prepuce remove ( frenulectomy ) I can only recommend . The advantages are:
1 The foreskin can move backwards , thus has a larger stroke during masturbation possible and the foreskin is more flexible .
2 The penis looks better, because the foreskin can almost unwrinkled pull back .
3 The penis can be kept much better clean.
I have the frenulum with three interventions even completely removed by the following method .
Requirement is to work clean and sterile , wash hands and penis thoroughly and sterilize the surgical site.
First, I have the penis about 5 minutes in ice water dipped , then you will not notice the cut . Today I would use Emla cream. After sterilization of the frenulum I have with sharp scissors ( with a pair of scissors can not slip ) the frenulum in the middle up to the glans ( glans) cut bottom. Today I would use an electrocautery because almost no bleeding occurs because the wound is cauterized .
It bleeds a little , do not panic . Next, I inserted a sterile gauze into the wound and the foreskin closed ( wound glued else) . Then I closed the foreskin with a strip of adhesive plaster and pulled a condom , if still leaking some blood ( which was not the case).
The next morning I carefully opened the foreskin ( the bleeding had already stopped ) urinates and inserted a new gauze after repeated disinfecting the wound and closed the foreskin back . But that's how I said adhesive pad can easily open for urination . After one week the wound had already healed so well that I could masturbate resist careful. Incidentally, the pain kept within limits is easy to bear .
After a few months , after the wound had healed well , I have only the rest of the frenulum on the Glansunterseite , and after that was healed well, also located on the inside of the foreskin by the same method . In the end I cut out a triangle , so to speak . With the result, I am very satisfied. The procedure is now 30 years ago , so I think I can tell.
Incidentally, I have never had a problem , and I am still very happy with the result . Emotional loss I can not tell . :D
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Re: Scrotum and penis modification

Postby golden_condor » Mon Feb 15, 2016 5:26 am

The next pic shows how my penis looks when i restrict my blood from flowing back to my body. I do that by placeing a ring on my flacid penis and pushing it that far down that it reaches the (pelvic?) bone. To get more bloof in the cells i push the blood from the space between my anus and the bottom of the scrotum in my penis. When i have the time i sometimes do that 5 or more times a day until the skin is dark purple. Since a few months i also pull the scrotum skin through the ring so that area can also be filled with and streched by the blood. Cutting any further down the length of the penis would distroy how great it looks now and it is significantly more difficult to cut it then the part that is already cut. From the bone till the penis head the length is now 19 cm and the with is 5cm.
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Re: Scrotum and penis modification

Postby Grampareg » Fri Mar 04, 2016 12:23 am

Keep going with sub and you will enjoy split head too I know I had mine done a couple years ago the mods just keep going. You have done great job so far
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Re: Scrotum and penis modification

Postby golden_condor » Mon Mar 28, 2016 7:25 am

Just an update about how it looks after 10 minutes, spread in 3 times, of pumping my penis. After this pumping session it is 5.5 cm wide by almost 19.5cm long. Before this session i used a wooden ring (see previous post) to restrict the blood.
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Re: Scrotum and penis modification

Postby kalahari. » Mon Mar 28, 2016 3:50 pm

I love the split in your glans, very pleasing :D
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Re: Scrotum and penis modification

Postby golden_condor » Mon May 09, 2016 11:51 am

The pictures below where made after a pumping session. Unfortunately the plastic hand pump broken, but since the cilinder and the hose are ok i can still use those. I sucked the air out of the cilinder with my mouth. The only disadvantage of that way is that you suck air in bits of your mouth that are next to where you have the end of the hose in your mouth. I sometimes use an old vacuum cleaner to steadily suck the air out of the tube, but since i am not patient enough, those sessions mostly do not last more then 10 to 15 minutes max, plus that it uses a lot of energy for a minimal result. What i would like to achieve as fast as possible is to fill out a 5 x 20 cm tube to the max, currently it is 19 x 5 cm. If i can achieve that once i will keep on pumping in that tube untill my penis has that girth from bottom till top when masturbating without having to pump.

How did you achieve that?;
And how do you enlarge your balls purely by pumping?

Can wait till the day that i fill that tube completely, when it is flacid and not having it pumped for days in a row. I think that is just pure hoping, or is that really possible???


The picture below was taken 22 days after those above.


The picture above was taken about an hour before the one below with one ring on the base. I created that thickness by placing three wooden rings around the base and pushing the blood from my anus up and into my penis. I also placed an iron ring below the rim of my penishead to restrict the blood there also and increasing the size of the rim and the head itself.
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Re: Scrotum and penis modification

Postby kalahari. » Mon May 09, 2016 3:45 pm

A really delicious looking meato, I love it. Keep up the good work.
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